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Help 4-year-old Aditi fight blood cancer
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    Aditi Yadav

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"We were so excited to welcome our new baby, but suddenly, Aditi fell ill. I took her alone to Bangalore for her treatment because my wife, Ramya, was due for delivery. Blood tests were conducted and the next morning I woke up to a shocking news. The doctors told me that Aditi has blood cancer.  I did all I could to start her treatment, but soon after my wife gave birth to our son. Neither have I told Ramya about Aditi's cancer nor have I been able to see my newborn. I am torn between my wife who is in Tumkur and little Aditi. I just want to take her home as soon as possible," - Thimmaraju, father of Aditi.

A seemingly harmless fever turned into something dangerous for Aditi 

It all started with Aditi having a  fever that did not seem to get better. Aditi has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It is a form of cancer that affects the white blood cells. It occurs in the bone marrow and can quickly spread to the blood. 

Cancer has rendered Aditi very weak. She doesn’t have the appetite to eat anything and hardly has the energy to get up from her bed. On days she undergoes the chemotherapy, she is unusually cranky - the pain is too much for her to bear.

Miles away in a hospital, Aditi's mother doesn't know that her little one is fighting cancer 

While Aditi is in the hospital in Bangalore, Thimmaraju and Ramya's newborn is in a hospital in Tumkur. The newborn is premature and is also hospitalised.  Ramya can't help but cry every time she calls Thimmaraju to ask about Aditi. She longs to be with her daughter, but she can't leave their baby boy alone.

“More than anything, Aditi misses her mother. Everytime Ramya calls, she cries over the phone saying, ‘I want you Amma.’ Ramya breaks down over the phone. She doesn’t know that Aditi has blood cancer. She keeps on calling me and asking how she is doing, I have told her that she has an infection in the blood. I feel so helpless taking care of my daughter all alone in a different city, but I can't tell my wife about the severity of her disease. It will break her.”- Thimmaraju

Little Aditi when she was hale and hearty

Thimmaraju is deep in debt arranging for money for both his kids and doesn’t know how to carry on further

Thimmaraju used to work as an assistant to a surveyor in a government office and his monthly income was Rs 9000. But he had to quit his job because for the last one month he was with Aditi and was unable to go to work. So, as of now, the family has no earning member. After borrowing from his relatives and selling his wife’s jewellery, he has spent around 5 lakhs for Aditi’s treatment. Along with this, he also had to spend around a lakh for his newborn who is in still in the hospital. 

Ramya and Thimmaraju with Aditi in happier times

I have an acre of land back in Tumkur, I am planning to sell that as well. Even then I won’t be able to arrange for Rs 7.5 lakhs that is required for Aditi’s treatment. I have seen my baby boy just once and I don’t know if I will ever see him again. Both my children are battling with death and I feel I am failing them as a father.”

How you can help

4-year-old Aditi is battling blood cancer and needs intense chemotherapy for a period of 7 months. Her family is not in a condition to arrange for the funds for Aditi’s treatment. Thimmaraju and Ramya are helpless. All Aditi wants is to be with her mother, but she can only go home if her father can get her treated in time. Your support will help little Aditi get back to her mother and lead a happy life.

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