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Abhishek's Fight
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    Abhishek Poddar

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Abhishek Poddar is a 6-year-old boy from Ranchi, Jharkhand. He met with a serious accident at the young age of 3 leaving him unable to walk, go to school and participate in basic activities normal for children his age. Due to his family’s unfortunate financial circumstances and lack of health literacy, he did not receive treatment on time. Even when he was brought to the nearest hospital, he received inadequate care due to which his condition has continued to worsen.

For the last few months, the Panmedical team has been working diligently with Abhishek and his family to provide him with the care he needs. His treatment now requires multiple expensive surgeries, rehabilitation, medications, etc. and we need your help to make them happen! If you are able and willing, we kindly request that you donate any amount possible, share this campaign and join us in our mission to make Abhishek walk again and help him live a normal life.

Abhishek’s Story 
While coming back from school with his friends, Abhishek, at the age of 3, took a devastating fall that changed his entire life. That night, he experienced excruciating pain in his right leg. Due to lack of health literacy and poor financial means, his parents failed to understand how serious Abhishek’s condition was and were unable to get him adequate medical care on time. As a result, he contracted an infection that severely affected his bone and surrounding soft tissue, further worsening his condition.

Abhishek’s right leg is now deformed, weak and limp. He is unable to stand for long periods and cannot walk at all. He ambulates by crawling on the floor on all 4 limbs. This catastrophic injury has limited many parts of his childhood that every child deserves to enjoy, including attending school and playing with friends.

 It is important to note that we do not have complete medical records as they were lost per his father. Therefore, there are gaps in knowledge about the clinical course of events.

Panmedical’s Vision for Abhishek 
A young man in the building at which Abhishek’s father works noticed how this accident negatively affected his quality of life and brought him to our organization. Since then, we have provided him with a pediatric walker allowing him to walk independently for the first time. We have also organized multiple medical consultations with doctors based in both Ranchi and the US. Orthopedic specialists in Ranchi have recommended a series of surgeries and bone grafts with a possibility for amputation and a prosthetic leg.

It appears that there is definitely hope for Abhishek to walk again, however, his care will be very expensive as it must account for potential surgeries, rehabilitation, medicines, tests, and medical equipment including bigger walkers as he grows, leg braces or orthotics, special shoes with inbuilt heels, and prostheses. We also aim to address the social determinants of health including good nutrition, clean housing, access to transportation and bathrooms and other additional support to the family. This will help us ensure that Abhishek has an optimal environment to recover in following his time in the hospital.

How You Can Help
  1. Donate! We would really appreciate any donation, no matter how small. Currently, Abhishek’s family struggles to achieve even basic healthcare. Your donations will make it possible for Abhishek to get the medical care he needs. This will bring him closer to walking again and leading a normal life. 
  2. Spread the Word! Help us by sharing our campaign on social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram, WhatsApp) and with your family, friends, and colleagues. 

More About Abhishek 
Despite living in destitute conditions and suffering from this devastating injury, Abhishek is a very spirited, friendly and lovable young boy. His family does not have access to a TV or smartphone but when he can, he loves to watch cartoons, and eat chocolate. He loves to play with his younger brother and is always looking for more friends to play with. His favorite person is his mom, whom he loves a lot and wants to be around all the time. 

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