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Help us build classrooms and toilets for children of migrant workers
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    100 children of migrant workers in Yarappanhalli

    from Bengaluru, Karnataka

Tax benefits for INR donations will be issued by ANANDA SAGARA


Ananda Sagara is a registered Public Charitable Trust located at 22 Yarappanahalli, Dodda Gubbi, Dr Shivaram Karanth Nagar, Bengaluru 560077, Karnataka State. The primary aim of the Trust is to spread the gift of education to all irrespective of age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity and community with a focus on those belonging to marginalized and economically and socially backward communities such as migrant labourers, nomadic and wandering tribes, physically and mentally differently-abled persons to enable them to access opportunities in life that are otherwise inaccessible to them so that they can become productive and progressive citizens of the country. The Trustees (3) are passionate individuals with hands-on experience in running social and educational projects.  Ananda Sagara has received 12A and 80G approvals.

It is roughly estimated that Bangalore city has a migrant population of 40 to 50 lakhs.  They come from different parts of North Karnataka or from the North and North-East of the country. They come into the city looking for jobs and usually find work in the manufacturing or construction industry, in small restaurants or as contract labourers.  Once they are in the city, they live with their relatives or friends in various colonies scattered across the city.  Many of these workers are not part of organised labour and therefore do not receive rightful wages or find enough work to earn a decent living.  Most of them live in the city without their immediate family and have to send money back home for their sustenance.  So it is hard on many of them as the cost of their maintenance in the city is high.  This will have a bearing on the quality of their lives. Covid and post covid scenarios have been especially challenging. Migrant labour families are under pressure to work the maximum number of days in a month to earn enough to sustain their lives and support their families.  Those who are living with their families in Bangalore have the challenge of going to work every day because of small children.  If both husband and wife go to work, the children are left behind without anyone to take care of them.  They idle their time either at home or on the streets and are vulnerable to malnutrition, unhygienic living, accidents or even abuse, illiteracy and improper child development.  If the family have tiny tots, the parents take them to their work location.  Many of the migrant labour children do not go to school either for language or dress or because their parents have no motivation to send them to school.  It is natural for such parents to think that their children follow the occupation of their parents.  External intervention is needed to break this vicious cycle.

Ananda Sagara has initiated a pilot project to provide opportunities for children of migrant families to realise their potential and to live successful lives as they grow up. The GOAL of this project is an Equitable opportunity for the education of all and the OBJECTIVES are -
  1. To provide an opportunity for the healthy development of 100 children primarily belonging to the migrant families in a safe and secure inclusive setting
  2. To provide an environment for 100 migrant families to regularly go to work and earn without being worried about the safety and security of their young children and 
  3. To provide nutritive food and basic education for the children of 100 migrant families so they comfortably progress in education and development alongside and at par with other children.
The intended OUTCOME of the project Modala Shale are -
  1. 100 children prepared for admission to 1st standard in regular school
  2. 100 children are physically and emotionally healthy by the time they join regular schools
  3. Adult members of 100 migrant families work a maximum number of days and earn optimum wages.
  4. Mothers from migrant families learnt to cook meals without losing the nutritive value of food
  5. Mothers come together to discuss and decide for themselves the choices that they need to make for improving the quality of their lives
  6. General health awareness of the colony members improved as a result of health camps, health talks and colling classes
  1. Place available for running the Modala Shale
  2. Filled in applications received and filed for each individual child
  3. Health monitoring charts are maintained and available for checking
  4. The people of Yerappanahalli are aware of the existence of Modala Shale
  5. Books of accounts are maintained and available for checking/audit
  6. Trustees' physical presence at the project site at frequent intervals
  7. Written reports are available on the progress of the project

Ananda Sagara has hired a place to rent and started Modala Shale as a pilot in May 2022 at Yarappanahalli.  As of now 14 children are registered and another few join on an irregular basis.  One teacher has been appointed. Children come to the centre from 8 am onwards.  They are provided milk at 9 am after which they enter the classroom.  Children are taught English alphabets and words besides songs and value education including hygiene.  A major part of the day's activity is play and games.  By 12.30 noon, children are served a nutritive meal which includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian depending on the culture and accepted religious traditions.  In the afternoon, children take a rest or sleep.  By 4 pm, they are ready to go back and any food left from lunch is served for those who wish to have. The curriculum is flexible and is followed so that children who seek to attend regular school are trained well for their entry into schools at par with other regular students. The regular activity of the school is under the supervision of one of the Trustees of Ananda Sagara and the school is managed by a staff member inducted from the local area who has good awareness of the local systems and cultures. Children's health is monitored and growth charts are maintained.  It is proposed to conduct medical check-ups not only for the children but also for their parents. The mothers gathering time would be an opportunity to teach them how to prepare food without losing its nutritive value and also to prepare nutrition supplement powder.
The pilot project is being run with the help of charities received.  In the next phase of the pilot project, Ananda Sagara wishes to scale up with 100 children.

The project's specific need now is to provide adequate space for the day school. We have taken on rent a house which can house 30 children and we need to build additional space with the construction of semi-permanent sheds which is safe and secure. Land for construction is available and the owner is willing to allow us long-term use of the place for a nominal rent. The proposal is therefore to build three sheds which give us additional space of around 1400 sq ft for which we seek donations. We have procured a professional contractor's estimate for construction which is attached. The facility will provide 3 classrooms (capacity to house 30 children each), and 6 toilets.
The shed will be utilized for the purpose of day school and after school (children attending regular schools)

This Modala Shale project is under the direct supervision of Trustees.  The Trustees meet once in three months to review progress and to make changes needed as appropriate.  We are looking at hiring competent teachers as donor partnership is assured.  Progress reports would be made available as required. We also plan to have the Modala Shale evaluated by an external expert.


The migrant labour community is an important workforce for Bangalore city. Their contributions to the economy is valuable.  The State Government has welcomed migrant labour into the State, esp after covid but the State has limitations in meeting the needs of all migrant labour. Therefore, the participation of NGOs is crucial for the welfare and development of migrant labourers.  Further, Article 39(f) of the Indian Constitution states that children are given opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity and that childhood and youth are protected against exploitation and against moral and material abandonment. Therefore, we at Ananda Sagara, believe that we are contributing to the interest of the Nation and seek your partnership in this journey.

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