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Hi !!

 We are Teach For India Fellows who have dedicated two years of our career to educate the underprivileged students of Pune. We teach in a low-income school called Sunrise English Medium School in Sainath Nagar, Pune. It is a community which is not very well off. The school is home to nearly 400-500 students , from Nursery to Grade IX.
WHY: We felt that just the school education is not enough for our students and from there was born the Sunrise Community Centre .

Sunrise community centre is an after-school enrichment space where the students from Sunrise English Medium School spend their time to learn more in an informal environment. The centre is open to all the students in Sainath Nagar and nearby areas. Apart from studies the students engage in creative activities of art and craft like quilling and marble painting. The walls of the Sunrise Community Centre have also been painted by Sunrise EMS students. You can also find the green balcony of the centre decorated with mosaic which again has been done by the teachers and the students.
Through Sunrise community centre we want the children to spend more time in learning and reading and some more learning.
Around 150 students attend the community centre. They attend regular school during the day after which they spend their time at the centre to enhance their learning.
The centre is open seven days a week, for a minimum of four hours a day.
We have set-up well stocked library, game zone( with a variety of board games and puzzles)  and  a computer lab. The Centre is also a part of the Nalanada Project ,a research project equipping the students and teachers with tablets to achieve more by linking the process of learning with technology.
We need your help in continuing our noble work. Do contact us if you interested in helping our project reach sustainability. Your support will help sustain the growth and development of our students and ensure that where they are born does not determine their fate.
With your help we can achieve the vision of providing an excellent education to our children.
Thank you !!

P.S. The funds we get will be used to pay the monthly rent of the space and shall cover the expenses incurred keep the centre running smoothly.

Rent per month : Rs. 15,000.
The amount we want to raise will provide us the privilege of using this space for the next one year !! ( 15,000 x 12 = 1,80,000 )

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