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I am running a marathon to satyavatifilm
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    Kushal Shah


Genre: Crime, Docudrama / Docufiction, Social Awareness

Satyavati – Description

Whilst writing the script of “Satyavati” I, (Deepthi Tadanki), I had to be precisely careful about the plot of the story, the sensitivity of the subject, and the characters in the story and other minute details concerning the dialogues exchanged and even the expressive interjections used by the characters.

The primal focus of making this film is to let the audience understand that lesbianism is not a disease that needs to be cured; it is as natural as heterosexuality.

Case studies across the globe have chronicled cases of “Corrective Rape” on women who’ve been discovered to be lesbians and as heinous as it may sound – the immediate kith and kin of the girl permit strangers to let the girl get raped, foolishly assuming that that is the only corrective measure for their girl to be cured from Lesbianism and she will start thinking “Normally”

This film has no intention of disrespecting any culture or tradition of any clan or belief, however through this film I am attempting to bring a STOP to such heinous and life-taking practices that are being followed in some places on this earth.

As man has evolved from generation to generation, episodically he has had to witness, to challenge and to win against many phases of survival and ironically battle against the preaching of universally acclaimed symbolic sacred references of “Peace amongst Humanity”

“Satyavati” will stand a story of example of why we need to understand each other on levels of “Humanity” more, than inclining our existence on misconstrued and judgmental rules of some traditional influence or preaching of pre-historic literary references.

Why should youFUND ?

If you are Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or Bi-sexual it is most important for you to know that you are Human first and if God asks you to find miracles in forgiveness, blessings in loving your enemies and Bliss in spreading Kindness, then it’s “you” who can uplift the value Humanity and eradicate Hatred from the world by supporting this film – “Satyavati”.

If you FUND this project you will give yourself a chance to protect and save lives of some young girls who may not have gone through such heinous practices but may fall victim to, if this awareness is NOT brought out. Through this film you will give a chance to shape the minds of the younger generation to understand the vision of Love and bring a STOP to such inhuman activities like – Corrective Rape.

Other Details

Synopsis of the Film – “Satyavati”

Dyuti, Manvi, Satya are three room- mates. Manvi and Satya are a Lesbian Couple who are madly in love with each other. Dyuti, resides with the couple, however she’s straight and is romantically involved in a relationship with Yatin & Yatin doesn’t live along with the girls. Dyuti is apprehensive & very afraid to taking the relationship further fearing her parents may disapprove this relationship, they being very strict and conservative or rather orthodox.

They all lead a pretty peaceful & tranquil Life. Eventually Satya desires & decides to adopt a kid, on her birthday, in the near future, to take their relation to the next level, but Manvi is reluctant as she wants to open her own cake boutique. Yatin settles the prowl between the couple.

One evening Manvi and Satya come close to each other for a blissful intimacy, Dyuti disrupts the cozy moments by informing the couple that her parents are paying a visit.

While cleaning all the mess Satya teases Dyuti by trying to flirt with her, at the very moment, Dyuti’s parents enter their house out of the blue, and are a little startled at the vision of playful act.

After the introductions & greetings, Dyuti parent’s part company to go back toTHE ACCOMMODATION provided to them in the flat upstairs.

Later they all meet up for Dinner and while having food; Dyuti‘s father expresses his discomfort about his daughter’s misdemeanor of the growing age & other influential deeds, as per his observation & his opinion

Misunderstanding clots when Satya is assumed to be Dyuti’s lover, though Dyuti tries to explain that she is not gay.

Dyuti’s parents refuse to believe in any of Dyuti’s words & they decide to take extreme measures for Dyuti and her friends to learn a very violent lesson. Dyuti’s parents ask Dyuti’s uncle to take lead in punishing them so as to make them admit their mistakes that they are assumed to have been committing.

Dyuti’s Uncle and his friends rape them by choosing to reprimand them through “Corrective Rape” brutally, which lead to a very heinous result – Satya gets killed in the act.

The climax of the movie is - Manvi and Dyuti recover from the incident after a couple of months. Manvi adopt a son & name him “Satya”. Screen fades off as Manvi and Dyuti comes close as they console each other leaving an open ending for the audience interpretation.

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