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12-Yr-old Srinidhi's Liver Is Failing Day By Day. Only You Can Help.

“I was 8 months pregnant, when the doctor suspected that something was wrong, and told me to undergo a particular test. My blood sample was sent to Delhi for analysis. The result shattered my life, and I’m still trying to gather the pieces. My unborn son was diagnosed with the same condition that had taken my daughter away.”
Madhavi and Lakshminarayan are an ordinary middle class couple, but their situations have drained them of any resources they could have, to spare for an emergency. They are a family of 4, including Srinidhi, and Lakshminarayan’s mother who has been paralysed and bedridden for 10 years now.

Srinidhi was born with a rare liver disorder, which is at the last stage now:

“My daughter was also diagnosed with the Crigler Najjar Syndrome, but due to our financial condition we could not afford the treatment or a transplant. She was 6 when she passed away. That guilt will never leave me. We have been doing everything we can to save Srinidhi now, but his liver is dying day by day, and we cannot afford the transplant.”

The entire family depends on Lakshminarayan’s income:

Lakshminarayan is an employed mechanic, and earns around Rs. 25,000 a month. It is with this income that he takes care of his mother: her medication and treatment, his wife and his Srinidhi’s educational and medical expenses.
“He needs UV bulb treatment, for which we spend around Rs. 30,000 once in 3 months. That has kept him alive so far, but his liver is giving way now. The doctors are saying that a transplant is the only way out, but we cannot even dream of an amount so big.”

Why she needs your help to save her son:

Madhavi and her husband have exhausted all the money they had, and cannot even think of the way to arrange the funds needed for a transplant. On the other hand, Srinidhi’s condition is worsening every day.
“Every time I see him, it is just my first baby I can think of. As his liver dies day by day, my guilt just keeps getting the better of me. I could not save my daughter. If I cannot save my son as well, I would feel like a terrible mother. I will not be able to bear this. Please help me save my son, ”Madhavi breaks at even the thought of losing her son.

A small step from your side, could mean a lot to this mother. 
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21st August 2017
Dear All,

It gives us immense happiness to write this update. Srinidhi has been discharged from the hospital last Friday and here are some pictures of the farewell party with his family and treating doctors.

The family could not be more happier for saving their child and have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone.

With his family

With the doctors.

Thank you all,

Team Milaap
7th July 2017
Dear all,

We have an update to share about Srinidhi who underwent a Living donor liver Transplant for Criggler-Najjar Transplant on 20 June 2017. Unfortunately he has developed an extremely serious complication of Hepatic artery thrombosis which will need a re-Transplantation to save the child's life.

However Srinidhi still has hope. We now have an unique opportunity to save this child's life by means of a re-transplant as a Deceased donor liver graft has been allocated to this child through the State regulatory authority. We plan on a re-transplant tonight.

Thank you so much in coming forward to help this child. Please do pray for him and his family. Do share the campaign with friends and family and help him as much as possible.

Dr.Rajiv Lochan
5th July 2017
Dear Supporters,
Srinidhi's surgery went on well, but he has unfortunately developed an infection in and around the new liver. 
This is being treated and he is still in the ICU for the same. Infections in transplant recipients are always concerning, and the critical care team continues to treat him.

Thank you all for the support. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Dr. Sonal Asthana 
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