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When I came to India two years ago, I was shocked by the massive amount of stray dogs living in my neighborhood.
Seeing these poor souls literally being born into agony - competing for food with other dogs their whole lives and always in risk of car accidents and other dangers - made me so sad and full of pity. For me it was clear that I would focus all my energies on helping them. I started with food and care, but soon realized that this doesn’t solve the main problem - the overpopulation.

Female dogs are fertile at the early age of just six months and give birth twice a year to 4 to 12 puppies per litter, after barely two months of pregnancy. Just do the maths to get a glimpse what this means.

So I changed my efforts to spaying and neutering the dogs, the ONLY method which puts an end to this vicious cycle. Being on my own, I started to organize the spaying of the first dogs privately.

But now it’s getting bigger: Together with the Nonprofit organization Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary our target is to spay and neuter 8 dogs per week.
The BMAD is run by the Theosophical Society in Chennai. The Dispensary provides animal rescue, medical treatment and an amazing animal shelter for the dogs to rest after surgeries.

I will raise the funds for the spaying/neutering and find the dogs (talk to the people that feed the strays and coordinate the pick up with them). Together with the BMAD we will pick them up for surgery and drop off in the same place one week after the spaying/neutering. The vets from the BMAD will perform the surgeries.

Please help and support us to make our dream come true - helping the ones that can’t help themselves. A better future for India’s stray dogs.

You can contribute with your donations! Also any information on dogs that need to be spayed and neutered in Chennai alongside ECR Injambakkam, Besant Nagar and near locations is extremely helpful.

Here are the costs of the surgeries and vaccinations:

- Neutering (male dog) without vaccination: 1500 INR

- Neutering (male dog) with vaccination: 2000 INR

- Spaying (female dog) without vaccination: 2000 INR

- Spaying (female dog) with vaccination: 2500 INR

- Vaccination: 500 INR

For exact donations of the above mentioned amounts I can provide you Donation Receipts from the BMAD.

PS, The dog on my campaign pic is "Boo". She is the first dog that I took for spaying.

Lots of love

Donation receipt
Donation receipt
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6th August 2018
This is Aki. 🐶🎀
She was named by Kat Harina, who donated for her. When I first found Aki, she had a large tumor between her legs (a so-called canine transmissible veneral tumor). It was unbearable to see her suffer, so I took her to Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary. They took care of her, cured her cancer, spayed her and finally helped her to 100% recovery. When she got back home two weeks ago, she literally smiled at me. These are the exact moments you’ll never forget in your life. ❤️🐶❤️

Thank you very much, Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary and thank you very much Katharina, you’re great. If Aki could speak, she would say the same for sure. 🐶🎀

23rd July 2018
Thanks to some donations via facebook Spay the Strays Chennai was able to spay and neuter some dogs within the last 2 weeks. For example these two females on the pictures. They are back home again, happy and healthy. Please help me to continue this work and to help Chennai's strays. Please donate.

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