Time Is Running Out For This 1-year-old With A Failing Liver

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“Every doctor has said that she won’t survive for long but my daughter is a fighter. First, I thought I’d save up money for a few years and then get her surgery. But now she just has a few months left without a transplant", – Sagar, the father

Even as her parents worry about her survival every single day, Sagar and Soni’s 15-month-old baby’s liver has almost completely deteriorated. She doesn’t have much time left and only a liver transplant can save her life. As her condition worsens every day, her parents are facing a serious challenge because they have nothing left to save her.

Their baby has a severe liver disease and underwent a failed operation

Their baby vomited everything she ate and developed a yellow tinge in her eyes. Sagar and Soni were completely distraught when the doctors told them that their 15-month-old baby had end-stage liver disease due to Biliary Artesia - a common condition where the bile duct is blocked and corrosive bile collects in the liver.

Their baby’s liver is almost completely damaged due to a birth defect and she doesn’t have long to survive. She also underwent a corrective surgery, but her parents received yet another massive blow as it was unsuccessful.

We haven’t even named her yet because we fear losing her.” – Sagar, the father

Soni, her daughter, and Sagar Tidke

Their baby’s eyes and skin are yellow and she’s very critical

As her liver has deteriorated, the baby has constant jaundice. Her skin is abnormally yellow, just like her eyes. She’s also unable to urinate properly and is constantly itching. Her painful illness makes her every smile more precious.

At the age of just 15 months, her liver is deteriorating every single day and is functioning way below normal which is dangerous and life-threatening. She cannot survive without a liver transplant and is running out of time.

“We give her medicines two-three times a day, otherwise she’s constantly crying and suffering. It’s so hard to see her like this. She doesn’t have long to live and just the thought of that is giving us tremors. Soni, my wife, often breaks down by just looking at her.” – Sagar, her father.

Sagar and Soni have done all they could to help their baby girl

Initially, Sagar and Soni struggled to get all the tests done on their baby. They took her from hospital to hospital and instead of getting options they were always asked to prepare for the worst. She had very less time, more so after the failed surgery.

“What will happen to her? I wish she had no problems at all. When I look at her I feel terrible because even though she still laughs and plays with me, she doesn’t know that she might not survive for long.” – Sagar

A liver transplant is the only option

“The doctors say that a liver transplant is the only option but it’s so expensive. I’ve been to several hospitals, and many have told me to go to Delhi or Chennai to get her treated but how will I go without any money? After every visit to the hospital, my wife and I were very disappointed because everyone's quotes are so expensive. There is no way I will get enough money in time. My daughter is very critical and I can’t believe that she might lose her life because we are poor.” – Sagar, sounding very upset.

Sagar and Soni need help to save their daughter

As their baby’s condition deteriorates every day, Sagar and Soni are running out of time to save their daughter. She is getting yellower every day and simply cannot survive without an immediate liver transplant. Her mother, Soni is willing to donate her liver, but as things are now, the parents are struggling to even get her tests done.

Sagar works as a car driver and earns barely any money to save anything. Soni is a housewife and they have another 4-year-old daughter, Saakshi, to take care of too.

“She needs a transplant immediately but I just can’t afford it. Some of the check-up fees were also spared because we couldn’t afford it so how can we possibly afford a transplant being so poor? I haven’t gone to work for a long time because I need to take care of my daughter. I’m trying my best to arrange for the money. I just want to save her life.” – Sagar
Medicines, hospital visits, and the operation have exhausted all Sagar had. The total cost of the surgery is estimated to be around Rs 16.5 lakh.

How you can help

Sagar and Soni’s 15-month-old baby’s only hope of survival is to get a liver transplant. As her condition worsens every day, her parents are running out of time to arrange he funds needed to save their baby. Now, they need your support to make this possible.

Your support will save Sagar and Soni’s 15-month-old baby.
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