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My Baby Has Just Days Left To Live If She Does Not Get A New Liver
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She tries to say her first words, but she cannot. The only sounds that come from her lips are moans and screams of pain. We have not even named her yet, because she is so sick. I am afraid we will lose her soon if we cannot gather 19.5 Lakhs. My baby girl has advanced liver cirrhosis. Almost 90% of her liver is not functioning. What she needs now to make it, is a liver transplant. We cannot afford it. 
At one of the hospitals, someone said to me, “Play with her as much as you can, love her as long as she lives because without a liver transplant she just has a few months before she dies.” I am not ready to let go of my daughter.

She is Barely 1 Year Old And Has Liver Failure

My daughter was born with biliary atresia. It is a condition where the bile duct is narrow. Liver cells produce bile. This bile digests fat and takes waste away from the liver. When the duct is blocked, bile builds up in the liver, damaging the liver cells. A person cannot live without a liver. This disease causes liver failure and my daughter is too young to succumb to it.

My name is Soni Tidke. My husband, Sagar, and I were not too worried when our baby girl had jaundice a few weeks after birth. I have studied only till 6th standard, but people in our slum always said it is common for babies to have jaundice. I began to get anxious when the yellow would not go away. It just got worse. In fact, she started itching and crying all the time.

The one surgery which could have saved her was unsuccessful

When we took her to the doctor, we heard that she needed a liver surgery. She was just 2 months old, yet it was the only thing that could save her. With every rupee we could gather, we took her to the hospital. All our hopes crashed when we heard that the surgery was unsuccessful. They could not do anything more to save the liver. She needed a new one.

We do not have even Rs. 2000, how can we afford Rs. 19.5 Lakhs?

“I will donate! I will even give my life for her!” I said to the doctor. I never even factored how much I would take for the surgery. It was not so simple. We need money even to test for a match but the biggest shock was the cost of transplant. Everywhere it was the same quote, or even higher. Rs. 19.5 lakhs? We live in the slums. We have no electricity most of the day. My husband makes so little as a driver. We manage to have only Rs. 2000 at the end of the month. We cannot afford her medicines, leave alone these tests and surgery.

We lost months asking for help and now they say she has just days

She has not walked. She has not laughed. She has done nothing but cried every day. She vomits, itches and does not sleep. She cannot even drink milk. Her belly is bloating so much that I feel her pain. We lost months running around for help, and now we are on the brink of no return. She needs a surgery now, or we will lose her forever.

Your contribution is the only thing that can save my daughter. Please give us a chance to name her and see her grow.

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