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I am fundraising to help Shama Hussain to kick Cancer after 5 years of suffering
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Why am I fundraising?

My wife Shama Hussain was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October' 2010. Immediately after this finding she was operated upon to remove her left Breast. Chemotherapy, Radiation and Hormonal Treatment started after that which is still going on. (Kindly visit her Website for more details and updates on her health condition Blogs)

Everything was going along nicely till recently, she had responded very well to her follow up treatment and was still doing so. But in the month of December’ 2014 she started experiencing some pain in her Hip Joints. We consulted her doctor, he advised for a full body MRI Scan as well as a Bone Marrow Test to go to the root of this problem. The result of the MRI Scan showed that she has completely gotten rid of her Breast Cancer but the Bone Marrow Test along with concentrations found on her Hip Joints in MRI Scan concluded something which was unimaginative for us as well as our doctor and with this finding our small world of a small happy family has come crashing down……….

The finding is …… that she has been diagnosed with Metastasis of Hip Joints. This finding has startled us along with her doctor and has scared us to death, 10% because of the repeat of this deadly disease and 90% due to the extremely costly treatment (US$1600 – US$1800 PER MONTH) which has been prescribed by the doctor, who is also helpless to combat this new menace but he is pretty confident that this costly prescription shall definitely save her life if this treatment is given to her continuously for the next 24 months. This extreme cost of treatment (by my standards of earning) has pushed the entire family into extreme pain / turmoil, as I do not possess this kind of resource to take care of my wife.

To tell you the truth, when my wife was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer, it took a very heavy toll on me financially as I had nothing in the kitty to start the long treatment process of Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, hormone treatment as well as long time oral medication. All this was made possible by useful contributions from my family, friends and bank loans. My financial condition took another nosedive when my son Aquib met with a horrendous car accident in November’ 2012, in which he almost died. I had to seek more help from my near and dear ones as well as more bank loans. Till date I am repaying these debts which will run for another 3 years atleast. My present emolument is about US$1000 per month which is barely enough to run my household as well as pay my debts for a month. My family is surviving on a mere hand to mouth basis. It is just not possible to garner more financial support from any quarters, going by my present financial rut.

Since, I just cannot raise this kind of sum on a per month basis, my wife just cannot get this treatment I am talking about which can surely save my wife’s life. Going by my financial condition, the doctor has suggested some basic prescription which costs about US$100, which is a stop gap arrangement till the time, I get some sort of support / charity from somewhere. I am able to bear this expense of US$100, at the moment and continuing with basic treatment in the hope that some day somewhere, the help would arrive to save a human life. The doctor also says that if the required treatment is not given in the near future then in that case, my wife Shama, will have about 24 – 36 months to live, in all.

You guys out there can visualize my state of mind at the moment and the dreaded feeling of losing a loved one in the next 2-3 years time. Pray for my wife and for the elusive financial help for her treatment, to arrive from somewhere.

I would continue with my Blogs / Posts on Cancer Awareness for you folks out there interspersed with my wife’s deteriorating condition till the time she is gone………

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Use it for Shama Hussain Cancer Treatment


They should not think that it is a bluff and that they should help whole heartedly.

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