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Help 5-Month-old Sayani Fight Cancer

Note: The goal for the transplant has been met. Contributions coming in will be utilized for the well-being of the child post-transplant.

The following appeal has been translated from Hindi to English on behalf of Samir Maity (father of Sayani)

Why Am I Fundraising?

My name is Samir Maity and I live in a small village in West Bengal. It was only two months back that I came to know that my younger daughter who is 5 months old now is suffering from cancer. When we heard from a local doctor that the treatment cost will be high, we didn't have an option but to take her home thinking it is her fate. But as a father you can't give up like that. My wife and I decided to find some way to treat my daughter. I work in a small shop and my wife is not working. I have an elder daughter who is 4 years old. With the help of my friends and relatives, I have managed to pay for her treatment till now. Referred by doctors at our place, we brought her to Apollo Hospital In Chennai. Sayani needs to undergo a bone marrow transplant to cure her cancer.

We stay at a small place near the hospital. Doctors at Apollo have arranged for a matching cord blood unit from US for Sayani's treatment. We are lucky to have received this. Now all that is left is funds for the treatment. The estimation given for the treatment is Rs 30 lakhs. The letter is attached below. The only way to save my daughter is by your support.

Please make a donation and support us.

How You Can Help This Father

Sayani needs to undergo a bone marrow transplant immediately. The cost of her cord blood unit from the US is in itself nearly 10 lakhs. Your contribution will help this father save his daughter. Funds collected will be transferred to the hospital upon receipt of invoices.

Supporting Documents

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6th June 2016
Dear Supporter,

We are deeply grieved to inform you that little Sayani is not with us anymore. She had a blood infection which was unexpected and her condition deteriorated. May the little one's soul rest in peace. We have received a note from her doctor:

I wish to place my sincere thanks to all the supporters who had helped Sayani in her battle with a life-threatening condition. She had a bad blood infection and passed away last week on Tuesday. I am really sorry that she could not make it despite all this overwhelming support she had received from supporters through Milaap. I place our entire team's thanks to you.

Sayani's family has been staying in Chennai for the past few months for her treatment and to think of them back home in West Bengal without her is really hard. We hope the family finds strength at this time.

Funds raised have helped Sayani to stay with her family till now. The remaining funds available in this campaign will help another child's treatment. We will keep you posted on this.

Thank you for your support.

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