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Let's plant a tree on this children's day

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hello every one

This children day let's plant a tree on our child name 

In today's world people are cutting down tree and just destroying  the human life and animal .due to the deforestation every one is facing many problem . 
many harmful disease occur due to only air pollution like asthma ,lung cancer etc. 
But know one is thinking what is cause of is disease.
India has become one of the polluted country in the world .this happen only due to co2 effect .
Day to Day raise in the global warming.
The solution to this problem is only to plant as much tree as possible  
Our mission (this is just beginning)

  1. Our Mission is to plant more and more tree and Save Nature .
  2. Some fact says that India is one of the fastest raising in Global Warming . Our mission is to change this fact and save nature.
  3. If we save nature , nature will save us . 
  4. A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.
  5. we are planning to plant more and more tree as much as possible.
  6. so please Donate us  to save your life and your next generation life and Environment.
  7. As  this is  our personal initiative.Me and  some of my friends started this two months ago and we already planted  25  tree surrounding us
We have already plant some tree and thinking to plant some more tree on this children's day (400 tree)


       cost of  Tree     : 1*50        = 50 Rs. 
 cost of 400 tree     : 400*50    = 20000 Rs.


Rs.0 raised

Goal: Rs.20,000

Beneficiary: vishal kumar pa... info_outline