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I Ramya W/O Narayan, who is one of the medical staff and serving as a laboratory technician in Rajarajeshwari Nagar Bangalore. I have been doing many of the lab investigations & diagnosed many of the diseases and have been a moral support to my patients. But never expected this cruel twist in life.  Now, my only daughter CHARVI N GOWDA aged 5yrs has been unfortunately diagnosed to be suffering from very rare condition called UNSTABLE HAEMOGLOBIN DISEASE and her life depends on the generous contributions, which would go a long way in funding her expensive treatment- an estimated Rs. 25 lakhs in the absence of the major complications.

She is a student of Lalith Castle International School, RR Nagar. She is very much active and a bright kid and topper of the class.

Here is a humble appeal by the family of Charvi, who needs moral and financial support to fight what the medical fraternity has termed as ‘RAREST OF RARE’ forms of HAEMOGLOBINOPATHIES.

She has been treated from age of 3 months in Manipal Hospital by Pediatric Hematologist and was wrongly diagnosed as Hereditary Spherocytosis for which the simple treatment was splenectomy which was to be done after completion of 5yrs.

In the month of Mar’15 she was admitted in St John’s Hospital in critical condition due to Intravascular Haemolysis under Pediatric Hematologist. Here the doctors ordered for higher investigations, as the findings did not match the previous diagnosis. So finally in the month of May’15 it was diagnosed as UNSTABLE HAEMOGLOBIN DISEASE.

Here the Hemoglobin drops frequently as the life span of RBC’s will be around 20 – 30 days. Now, she is completely dependent on blood transfusions, which needs to done once in 30 – 45 days. Till now she has undergone 26 transfusions. As lifelong blood transfusions is associated with lot of risk factors, the only curative option suggested by Pediatric Hematologist is BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION. The procedure is planned to be done in NARAYAN HEALTH MAZUMDAR SHAW MEDICAL CENTER UNDER DR. SUNIL BHAT & DR. SHARATH DHAMODHAR. I have attached the estimation letter from the hospital below.

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As she doesn’t have any matching Family donor she will need matching unrelated donor or Haplo-identical transplant, which has to be done as early as possible for high success rate. The procedure is tentatively scheduled for the month of August 2015.

Hailing from economically weaker background we are unable to arrange such a huge amount. The family has put in every available resource into the treatment and now is looking for philanthropists to contribute generously and all of your prayers to get well soon.

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29th November 2017
Dear Supporters, 

First of all, I would like to thank Milaap, for the work it does and how it reaches out to people who are in need. I cannot express how grateful I am to all the supporters who brought my baby back to normal and a cheerful life. It would have been impossible without your love and support that you have showered on our family.

We felt really helpless when we got to know that the treatment will cost us a fortune. Milaap acted as the helping hand towards bringing donors to us and helping us, selflessly. It does not happen quite much when you want to thank people whom you have never met and they still help you in the time of need. Milaap made it happen, we are really grateful to all the donors who helped us when we lost all hope.

It has created a strong urge in us to help anyone with whatever sources we have, and in any way, we can. Once again, I would like to thank Milaap and supporters, I am really out of words for how to thank you.



18th May 2016
Dear Supporters,
I am Vishnu Rao, a Milaap Open fellow from Bangalore. I spoke with Ramya, Charvi’s mother over the weekend. She has given me an update on Charvi’s health and a heart-warming message to all the donors. Firstly, Charvi had successfully undergone the BMT surgery on 30th December 2015. She’s now on her post BMT treatment. Her Hickman’s line was removed on 3rd May and her chemotherapy medication has also been reduced now. Owing to this, her hair has started growing and her skin complexion has also improved to a great extent. . Charvi will be celebrating her sixth birthday on 12th May.
Ramya is hopefull of a successful and speedy recovery of her little one and seeks everyone’s blessings for it. She thanks everyone from the bottom of her heart for their generous donations. “Everyone has played a huge part in helping bring change in a girl’s life.” Below are some pictures of Charvi taken a few days ago.

10th May 2016
Dear Supporters,

With the funds generated , Charvi has completed her successful BMT on 30 th Dec 2015. She's now on post BMT treatment.

No greater joy is for us to see her in the recovery phase. Her Hickman' s line was removed on 3rd May, even her medication has been reduced which in turn is helping her hair growth and skin complexion. Charvi will be celebrating her 6th year birthday on 12th May. She seek your blessings for her successful & speedy recovery.
We, Charvi parents and her relatives thank you all for your generous donation. Your commitment to help us no matter the amount, is sincerely appreciated.

Your contribution has strengthened our trust that there are people who care and this has really motivated us. Our humble thanks to all.
A special thanks to Milaap team who is beyond all this. Your whole team work to get d donations for the needy people whom you don't even know. We thank the team members from the bottom of our heart.

The picture attached shows Charvi in the recovery phase, her smile reflecting your blessings.

Once again, Thank you for the help in bringing a change in a girl’s life.
We remain truly indebted.
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Good will do miracle on you Little Princess

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