HELP Speechless Innocent Souls:SAVE The Environment & The Earth.

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26th September 2016
Dear Noble Souls...
On behalf of Save Animals India,from core of my heart i thank and bless you all Noble souls for coming forward and helping the speechless innocent souls with your contributions of funds..
God Bless you all,with Peace, Prosperity,Success and happiness in your family life.

As we have to go long way to reach our goals.Hence,Kindly share our Fund Raising Campaign among your Friends,Relatives & Groups encouraging them to contribute for a Good & Noble Cause.

Animal welfare is not just about animals. It is about us. Our living conditions, our children, our earth. Cruelty to animals has a significant and irreversible impact on human health, economy and environment.

God Bless You.
Surya Prathap Singh

I, Surya Prathap Singh, Founder Trustee of Save Animals India, Bengaluru. feel honored to introduce myself and the social charitable trust for Animal welfare & rehabilitation. After experiencing the cruelty towards animals and the serious effect on the environment, I decided to form a trust to save and help the speechless innocent creatures.

The above said trust was formed & registered on 19/12/2015.
Before forming the trust, I was actively involved in rescuing and saving injured animals like, dogs, cats, cows, calves, camels etc. that have met with road accidents or being taken to slaughter houses through illegal ways, I’ve even rescued innocent creatures fallen in open wells or sewage. Thus sending them to Animal Hospitals or Shelters for treatments.
I and my wife have been actively involved on daily basis in feeding 50-60 dogs & cats on streets, by cooking food at home or collecting left over from the restaurants.
 I have been burying dead dogs met with accidents on roads, to avoid air borne diseases spreading through the carcasses. Even creating an example among people to be kind and caring towards speechless innocent souls, dead or alive. Thus, saving the environment too.
Even after rescuing or saving animals, I was too disturbed and unhappy looking at the conditions of shelters where I use to shift them. Shelters were over flowing and no place for the injured or sick dogs.
Put together, all these bad experiences & lessons, I decided to start a shelter for these Innocent speechless creatures by providing them proper food, medical facilities under hygienic conditions and healthy environment by also sharing love and affection with animals.
Within a span of 8 months SAI Shelter is proud & blessed to shelter 80+ Dogs & Puppies with food, medicines and other basic needs to sick, injured, paralyzed, handicapped, stray & abandoned speechless souls.
Our Life is completely dedicated to these innocent creatures by helping and saving as many of them as possible.
The Village we are located (Kundana) is very cruel to Dogs, as there is no Birth control programs being conducted by any organization or Govt body, due to this the population of dogs is too high and they are been brutally killed by the villagers on daily basis, by beating them to death, through fire or Poisoning them.
To stop this cruelty we plan to start Animal Birth Control Programs here & surrounding villages, along with awareness programs too. To save these innocents from being killed by the villagers, we keep shifting them to SAI Shelter, including puppies and new born babies too..
Due to lack of resources or funds, Every day we face challenges & problems in providing them food, medicines and other basic needs. 
Sai shelter being in rural part of Bangalore, under Devenahalli Taluk, Kundana Village on a monthly rent of Rs.20,000/-.Due to frequent power load shedding is also matter of worry towards security and safety of our Animals housed in the shelter. 
We are even lacking an Ambulance in transporting or rescuing the sick or accident victims.
We ask for your kindness and favors on our innocent speechless souls by helping and supporting us with resources & financial help.
SAI shelter is bound to survive on Public contributions.
We urgently need to improve our shelter conditions with all the basic needs from puppy cages, emergency lights, solar light poles, UPS inverters, CCTV’s, chain-link meshes surrounding the shelter for safety & security that are dis-mountable in case of shifting shelter in future.....

Important To Remember
Animal welfare is not just about animals. It is about us. Our living conditions, our children, our earth. Cruelty to animals has a significant and irreversible impact on human health, economy and environment.

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