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After 2 Years Of Fighting Cancer, Child Asks Her Barbie To Save Her
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"That Barbie doll has seen Sunidhi go through 16 cycles of chemotherapy, 70 sleepless nights, and 2 years of pain."  - Deepak
7-year-old Sunidhi's leg aches so much that she often asks her father to cut it off. She believes the pain could kill her. After all, even 2 years of treatment is not making it go away. She has cancer, and while she was declared cancer-free last year, the disease came back, more aggressive than ever. She needs more chemotherapy now, but her family is unable to continue treatment.

Sunidhi smiles in front of people and screams out of pain when nobody is looking

It was Sunidhi innocent giggles and her endless talks that used to echo around Deepak and Manasa's home until 2 years ago when she started complaining of pain. Her parents took her to different doctors, tried different pain killers but nothing worked. The pain go so worse that she could not even lie down without screaming. It was when they took her to a rheumatologist, that they got the most devastating news - Sunidhi has primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET), a cancerous tumor that was located near Sunidhi’s pelvis bone.

“Sunidhi couldn’t even sleep for months together. We feel helpless watching her try to massage her legs as she pleads us to do something to stop the pain. She would eat food and vomit everything. Some days she survived only on water, not even having the strength to swallow rice or roti.” - Manasa, mother

She confides in her Barbie and often asks the doll if cancer was going to kill her

Sunidhi lost her hair. She lost her friends. She was even losing her strength. The only friend she confided in all this time, was Barbie. Because of harsh treatment and compromised immunity, Sunidhi has so many infections that she had to be admitted in ICU for 3 times in just a year. The Barbie needed to be sterilized to protect Sunidhi from more germs. 2 months ago, she relapsed. Now she needs 8 more cycles of chemotherapy and surgery.

“For 2 years, my daughter was on high dose of medication for the pain. Yet she felt it. The disease crushed her physically and mentally. She hasn’t been able to poop or pee on her own for the past few days. Sometimes she asks that doll if the pain will kill her, if it will separate her from us. It breaks my heart.” - Deepak, father

Unemployed for 2 years, the family survived on the money they borrowed from others

Deepak used to work as an admin in an industrial company and his wife used to work as a teacher to look after their two daughters including Nidhi (13). Both husband and wife quit their jobs 2 years ago when they got to know Sunidhi has a cancerous tumor. They sold their house and borrowed money from others to look after their family and Sunidhi’s treatment as well.

“No one is willing hire me now because of the leaves that I have to take to attend my daughter. My friends have been helping me out all this while to meet all expenses but how much more can I ask from them. We have started her treatment again and the hospital bills are yet to be paid. I just want to put an end to all her suffering but without money I don’t know how to.” - Deepak
Sunidhi's has lost 2 years of her life to this cancerous tumor and now without treatment, she might lose her life. These distraught parents are seeking for your help to end their little daughter’s suffering.

Your help can end Sunidhi's fight against this cancer

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