Help 18 year old Amina fight Chronic Liver Disease

Amina's liver is completely damaged and she needs a liver transplant. She lived away from her mother for over 6 years suffering abuse and neglect. This has left her mentally fragile and worsened her health. Amina researched online, connected with her mother and insisted that she bring her to the hospital because, despite everything she has gone through, Amina wants to live.

Amina's father got remarried so his new wife could care for his daughter while he was abroad earning money. Unfortunately for Anima, things turned out differently. Amina's stepmother did not care for her and kept Amina isolated from the rest of the family. Amina was even severely beaten over small things and there was nothing she could do.

Because things got really bad, two years back Nejma's family went and brought Amina back to their home. She was nothing like the happy child Nejma had to leave behind.

 Amina was weak and very sick. Her illness had been neglected and now her liver was damaged.
Amina's mother took her to the doctor to see what was wrong with her. The doctor said Amina's liver was completely damaged and that there was no way to save her. The news came as a blow to everyone in the family. Given their poverty – they didn't bother getting a second opinion.

 Amina with her mother in the hospital

But Amina's classmates heard about her condition and started finding out more about liver failure. One of them knew someone who had undergone a liver transplant and had completely recovered. They put Amina in touch with Dr Manish from Hyderabad. Amina begged them to take her to the hospital. This was the first time she had shown any initiative – even though it was expensive, they couldn't refuse.

How you can help
Amina's mother is a housewife and has no income of her own. Her stepfather has just gone overseas to earn and can only send money a few months later. Amina does not have months. She needs an immediate liver transplant. She has already lost a lot of time. Your contribution can get her treatment started.

Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
Ask for an update
26th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update on Amina.

Currently, she is at home and doing fine. The transplant happened in the second week of the November, her mother was the donor for the same.

She has responded well to the treatment and is recovering well. She has to go for regular check-ups and will be on regular medication for next couple of months.

Thank you for love and support. We are really grateful to everyone who has helped us.

Dr. Manish C. Varma

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may Allaah save her and make her righteous...

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Get well soon.... I will pray for you.

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