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Help me finish my mission for my nation,
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Before getting into my story and why I need your support,
Who am I?

Name : Pandiarajan R, age : 23 ( ) , An engineering Graduate just as many in my country.
Family : Low middle class, father, mother, 3 younger sisters
Currently training : Running, Singing
Currently learning : Rapping, Web Application development, E-Commerce
Favourite Authors : Leo Tolstoy, Paulo Coelho, Thiruvalluvar, Bharathiyar,
Books that changed me : War and Peace, The Alchemist, Tracks, Pirantha Man
Speeches that moved me : Martin Luther King, Vivekanada, Abdul kalam, Steve jobs
Persons who Inspired me : Che Guevara, Bhagat Singh, M S Dhoni, Cheryl strayed, Christopher Mccandals, Bethony Hamilton, Karenjit Kaur vohra , Chris Ronaldo, Malcom X
Now, what I do?
Simply put, Following my passion, the hard way.
Pursing a journey called "Run for Love" ( )
What is Run for Love?

  • A one man marathon of 2200 km across 7 Indian States.
  • A journey of a thousand odd miles on foot.
  • A mega Indian adventure pleading for Love, Care, unity and Compassion in the country.
  • A cultural journey voicing the need to save every Indian traditions and culture.
More details, ore details,

  • Run for love is the first of its kind ultra one man marathon from Chennai to New Delhi voicing the need for "Unconditional Love and Love in difference"in the country.
  • A campaign across various regions of India to iterate the need for 'Unity in difference'.  

The Themes of the run are,
  • Nation's Unity
  • Saving our Traditions and Culture
  • Pleading youngsters to follow their passion
  • Educating Tamil culture to the world.

Why do I run,

Many people have asked me, will it change anything?
My answer to everyone with that question,
  • Weather it happens or not, it's my duty to try.
  • I have to say what I have to say, accepting is upto the individuals listening.
  • I have hope, and that's all what one can have,
  • You can't change anyone, you can only ask to change, that's what I do.
Why run?
"It's not what we do, but why we do it" 
  • I run cause it's my passion.
  • It enables me an opportunity to say out my points to the nation.

Am I an athlete?
I should probably say, I wasn't an athlete before this mission.
But now I am,
  • The dedication I have
  • The hard work I put
  • The passion I found
  • The trainings I did
The practice,
The mission is what I had in mind, then only I found the way, Run
My practice,
  • No coaches, but online forum and guides
  • No company, but will and motivation
  • Not so easy, never too hard
A dedicated 10 months of training made me ready and I couldn't believe that I can run this long, now I am proud to say that I am an athlete more than that a ultra runner.


Injuries are always a part and parcel of the game,
Hers what I been through,

Our journey,  
  • Began on February 5th from marina, at the time I'm writing this (Feb 10), we are in Nellore. Averaging 40 kms per day and Calculating Towns and cities to stay we would reach Delhi in 50 - 60 days,  
  • We now run go (I run) 20 km in the morning and 20 in the evening
  • We stay, rest, bath in petrol bunks in the day, it's okay and simple
  • We stay in churches for nights, and sometimes we don't get it
  • In nights we have to face a lot of problems like, place, mosquitoes, rest time, cold,
  • Washing clothes is another problem we face
Apart from these problems we love this journey as we meet, speak, Interact with a lot of different people across various regions that's interesting
  • We get support, Donations, Cheers, Wishes from a few people every day along the way
  • We and our journey has been in some 5/6 newspapers already
Don't we have an exact plan?
Yes we do, but plans never go the same way in reality.
And the struggles comes with it,
  • Dogs, sometimes snakes and so many vehicles (especially lorries) we face on the roads
  • People asks us to stay safe, but we can't afford to.
  • People say, Take good rest, whereas we can't sleep freely.
  • People say, Eat well, Whereas we can't buy much
  • People say, have fruits and nuts, whereas I have to think thrice to buy 2 bananas
  • People say wear good shoes, whereas I can't afford a proper road running shoe.
  • Mosquitos are nasty, yet we can't afford mosquito tents.
Yes, money is the biggest problem above all.
And when I share this, People easily say, give it up and go home but I'm extremely sorry that I can't give up on my mission, on my passion, on my interests.  
Yes we struggle but we believe it would be worth it in the end.

There's no gain without pain.
Living is easy, but living your dreams isn't.
So here I ask you for your contribution, if you believe in our cause and if you believe we deserve your contribution. Let the whole 2200 km pronounce your name.
The money I collect here is not just for this Epic run, but also for the following,

  • For the amount of time, sweat, work and training I put for this
  • For the two people who are accompanying me, both are born poor but have dreams and talent to be in the cine field (they are actually looking if they can find a good camera and recorder for their short films, dramas that are long awaiting to be given life)
And especially,
When I started running I couldn't run 2kms a day, but now I run more than 40 km easily and most importantly I'm capable of reaching 10 km in 30-32 mins, which really is a good time. And I want not to waste it, I want to train myself specifically on 10 km runs (both off and on road) with the amount of effort I put and confidence I have if I can have some support I'm sure I'll one day compete in Olympics for my beautiful nation, I know it takes a lot and that's exactly I need your help.

will the amount quoted be enough?

No, it's not even 1% of what i'll need, but I don't want to ask much, whatever you can do it will really help shape our future.

For my 10 months of practice and training, I had to took loan Nearing 3.4 lakh (5000$), leaving that, I'll need INR 12 lakhs (15000$) for one year of training, medical, Kits and supplements and another 2lakh (3500$)for coach and mentoring. The guys comes with needs decent cameras, recorders, Mike, Editors etc., that will cost around 3lakh (4500$). I know it's too much to ask for. That's why I put just 10000 (200 $) . I request you to do whatever you can, Donating, sharing wishing if you believe in our cause.

I don't know, but I'm shy to ask more, do whatever you can for us.

My family wants me to go to a job, but I want to train for 10k. 

Then I thought politicians gets funded easily, why not me for my goal, that's why I started this fundraiser.

*I'll only get 70% of the amount raised here.

Even a small contribution from you means a lot to us

I need your help and support to achieve my goals.  

Even a word of comfort from you can mean a lot, whatsapp : +91-9884052216
If you are an Non Indian support as a human for a human who's striving for success.

Thank you for your time and support.

If you are an Non Indian support as a human for a human who's striving for success.

Thank you for your time and support.

We'll update our daily journey updates and pictures here as well as in our FB page : http://


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