Rolling Tip White Cane Production for Blind People

We are aiming at the independence of the visually impaired to the fullest, especially with regards to movement.

A white cane is a walking help /guide for the blind, It is a mobility tool for the blind, a symbol of identity for them too! There are different types of white cane.They are a long cane, folding canes and so on.

Likewise, the tip of a white cane is the most prominent part.  It enables smooth navigation. The normal tips are quite difficult to maneuver on the ground, it is often the case that while walking the tip of the cane gets stuck in uneven roads, grassy terrain. 

And so hinders the user from easy navigation.

Our Indian roads are quite narrow, uneven and inaccessible,  So a cane with a rolling tip facilitating easy navigation is the need of the hour. In the west, these canes are readily available, but at an exorbitant price. 

Taking this into account Jyothirgamaya has set out to make white canes with rolling tips available to blind people in the books and corners of India at low affordable prices so that every blind person can freely and easily navigate through any kind of roads unhindered!  
For making these available, we need your support, and encouragement so please join hands with us to make the millions of blind walk smoothly and fearlessly through the most uneven terrains.

To know more about the activities of Jyothirgamaya please visit:Jyothirgamaya Foundation                                     
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7th October 2017
Dear supporters,

Thanks for your support. regarding the campaign amount of funds.

we had first put a budget for the cost of the rolling ball moulding. it is a plastic ball, with four parts, upper part, lower part, and the square part in side and the part where it fits in the cane. this is all costing fifty thousand.

We then have to raise funds for rubber grip. which is the grip of the
cane. this is cost around thirty thousand. we then have the reflective stiker, and the ball bearing.

We also have the actual cane that is the main stick. which we planned to add in this campaign, hence we increased the budget.

However, now we shall go on producing the product fifty canes is our limit, at present.

We will necessary updates in the form of pictures of the product, and then we shall launch another campaign to distribute these rolling canes free
of cost to less fortunate blind people.

thanking you once again,

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