Help Rama - An Electric Line Man Who Lost Both Hands While On Duty!

Rama Subaiah works in the electricity department as a lineman. He hails from Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh. In an unfortunate incident, he suffered severe burns. There were heavy rains and he was on duty, repairing. The mains were switched on and he suffered severe burns. Both his hands have been amputated now.

He Was On Duty Despite Heavy Rains

He is the only earning individual in the family. His wife is a daily-wage labourer. He has two young daughters to look after as well. 

With No Money Left, Rama Has Been Discharged From The Hospital
Rama has no money left to continue to the treatment and has been discharged from the hospital. He is coming in for checkups.

The electricity department has given him 2 lakhs. Unfortunately, he is not entitled to get an insurance.

Letter from Electricity Operations, Andhra Pradesh
Your Support Will Save Rama's life

The family has no financial backing and there is no way they can raise this amount. He underwent surgeries with the help of few supporters and well wishers but now he is struggling to pay for his prosthetic limbs which will give his life back. Your support will save this man's life and give the little children their father back.

Supporting Document

The target amount set includes the amount required for the prosthetic limbs and supporting expenses.

Ask for an update
3rd February 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank everyone for supporting Rama's Campaign, Rama has recovered now and he will very soon resuming his job as well.

Rama at the moment is going through his post recovery training sessions.

29th September 2016
Dear Supporters,

I am Sudhakar, a Milaap Open fellow in Bengaluru. I met with Rama Subbiah and his wife, Radhamma at St. John’s Hospital last month. I have also been in touch with the champion constantly. 

Rama was rushed to St. John’s Hospital, Bengaluru within a few hours of the occurrence of the accident on 12th July. 5 procedures for the left arm and 1 procedure for the right arm had to be carried out for the amputations. Rama’s blood group A- is a rare one, because of which it was tough to find donors. He was in the ICU for the entire month of July during the recovery period post the operations. He was under antibiotic treatment for sepsis till August. He also has a burn injury on his left thigh for which he is undergoing treatment. 

Rama visited Dr. Sunderraj Ellur on 21st September for a check-up. Rama’s wounds are recovering well. Based on his recovery speed, Dr. Sunderraj Ellur has advised that he might not need skin grafting or reconstructive surgery, which was the plan initially. He has been asked to visit the doctor on 1st October for the next check-up. Prosthetics for his arms will be attached based on further review of his recovery. This is estimated to happen in approximately 3 months.

Radhamma and Rama have 2 daughters, Likhita and Swapna, 5 years old and 3 years old respectively. Rama’s brother-in-laws Linga and Hari Krishna have been a source of constant support for the family through this tough period. 

They have settled bills of Rs. 4.1 lakhs with the hospital with the help of the funds contributed by the staff of the department and by borrowing from friends & family. Additionally, they have had to spend Rs. 2 lakhs for travel, stay at Bengaluru and miscellaneous expenses. The family members are still holding discussions with the electricity board to fund the expenses towards the procedures. We will keep you posted in case of any significant development in the matter. 
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