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SAVE- Prince Joshua, battling with crohn's disease. Inflammatory bowel
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Life has taken a U-turn for me, I met a 4th stage lung cancer patient at a natural healing centre, who looked at me and felt pity on what I was going through. I am Prince Joshua 31 years old from Bangalore, India, born to Joshua and Ruth both who served as teachers in a charity funded school, unfortunately dad passed due to cancer in year 2010 and became poverty struck. 
I have been suffering with Crohn's disease for the past 7 years. For those of you who don't know, Crohns is a inflammatory disease of the digestive tract with no known cure(eternal hell of suffering) . The worst nature of this sickness is that it rips you off one by one, little by little, and piece by piece. It eventually resulted in very poor health, no job, no social life, no marriage, and no friends. It practically destroyed my life, 
Can you imagine not being able to even drink water without suffering ? I have reached a level where I am hardly able to eat anything, I end up vomiting anything that enters and my mouth my throat hurts so badly all time because blood vomiting. For example even drinking water is not possible at times, regardless of liquid or solid diets, I end up vomiting. Throughout the day, I have numerous loose bowl movements with blood. I can’t remember how any of my favorite foods taste anymore. I live in tremendous pain and agony a fellow human being cannot watch me suffer so much. Even my face has wrinkled drastically making me look way older than I am. Crohn’s is like being eaten by a rat from the insides while you are still alive. I don't remember how life used to be without pain. A life with Crohn's disease is like a one man army, where I am battling with myself every day to keep on pushing forward for there might be a flicker of hope somewhere. Everyone has to die one day, but how we live counts so I want to add some quality living while I am still on this earth. I am suffering very badly with medical and financial needs. I am looking for your support to get some treatment, which is expensive as Crohn's disease does not have a proper cure or treatment that works effectively. I am also in need of medications that are very costly and mostly have to be imported. Your support will help save my life as well as many other Crohn's patient's lives. I would be truly grateful to you.
If I get cured of Crohn's disease though alternative methods or natural remedies, I promise today I will educate and help all Crohn's patients and other patients with similar conditions. within the next 20days I need to start the treatment. I beg every brother and sister of India and world around to support me. 
Thank you very much, God bless you all as you portrayed God's character by helping me. 

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