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I am fundraising to empower Children with Special Needs through Yoga Therapy

Who are we?

Prafull Oorja is a registered charitable trust, through which a team of trained therapists work to make yoga and other holistic therapies accessible to children with special needs, and people living in rural villages and under-resourced communities. 

Why are we fundraising?

Prafull Oorja currently impacts approximately 500 special children on a weekly basis, and though the scope and demand for yoga therapy is constantly increasing, many cannot afford to fund yoga classes. In order for us to continue to grow and serve our amazingly special students, we need to raise funds for those who cannot afford yoga classes, materials, and props.

To facilitate our growth, we also need to continue to build a strong team and invest in our training and development programs so that we can effectively teach and train new teachers, parents, and care givers.

What do we plan to do with the funds?

We will hire a full-time training and development manager to work with schools and parents to make sure they are equipped to work with the children using yoga therapy.

We will develop audio and video training aides for schools and families to practice regularly. We will also develop our homework books and materials.

We will purchase yoga materials such as mats, eye pillows, singing bowls, and bolsters for our underprivileged students.

We will sponsor schools and children who cannot afford the classes.

Any remaining funds will be used to provide resources (such as higher level training, alternative healing practices, materials, etc.) to our teachers who serve the children with love and empathy. 


We are a start-up Charitable Foundation, and we do what we do because we believe this is our Dharma. We strive to follow the Yogic Culture and Path of Serving, Loving, Giving, and Realizing through Karma Yoga Seva, and Raja Yoga Yama/ Niyama/ Asana/ Pranayama.

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25th July 2016
Dear Supporters,

As we grow, expanding into new schools and communities, we have more teachers to train and support, more supplies to provide for the students, and more events to host to further our cause. Your continued support of Prafull Oorja will bring light and hope into the lives of so many children and families.

Thank you!
1st June 2016
Dear Supporters,

I am Vishnu Rao, a Milaap Open fellow from Bangalore. I visited Prafull Oorja a few months back and here is my update from the Visit. 

Yoga as a form of therapy to treat special needs children is looked upon mostly as an add-on that complements traditional forms of therapy. It is not seen as a primary form of treatment, hence not many people are willing to invest in it. Prafull Oorja is one such organisation that wants to change this notion by spreading awareness on this issue. “We work primarily with the special needs community; we realized that there is a need for more awareness  about the effect a sustained approach to yoga can have” said there head Sowmya. I learned that Yoga helps in improving motor skills, sensory perceptions and also in relaxation, and anxiety. Down’s syndrome, intellectual conditions, speech conditions, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, attention deficit issues, hyperactivity- just the number of issues that the teachers at Prafull Oorja are equipped to deal with is inspiring. They work with close to 20 schools and therapy center's all over the city. 
I heard from the teachers of Prafull Oorja about stories of change that were incredible. A child that had balance issues, who could not even walk straight, was able to complete a 5K run after therapy with Prafull Oorja. Then there is the story of a child who could not speak a word prior to therapy, who then started talking full sentences after just six months of it. The therapy that they impart is very specialized. It varies from child to child depending on the condition or ailment that the child suffers from.
They right now have two program's running, uRise which is Yoga for empowerment and uBloom which is Yoga for special needs. They have also started training rural NGO leaders in Yoga Practices to improve the reach of their knowledge. The visit to Prafull Oorja was eye opening, the solutions they employed were truly out of the box and helped bring change to the lives of many children.

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