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Fundraising towards relief efforts for earthquake survivors in Nepal. Every support counts!

Homes reduced to dust in a matter of minutes. Loved one’s lost or missing. No shelter, no food and no water. An open sky for shelter and the cold Himalayan wind for blanket. This is the nightmare thousands of people in Nepal are living right now. The massive earthquake has ripped through the Himalayan nation and left behind a trail of destruction.

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The death toll has crossed the 5000 mark and is expected to increase. The number of injured are even more and hospitals are running out of space to treat critical patients. Lack of clean drinking water, hygiene maintenance and sanitation facilities has now triggered the threat of a bigger public health risk and disease outbreak.

Oxfam is on the ground in Nepal and providing clean drinking water, food, sanitation facilities and hygiene support to atleast 350,000 survivors.

We are in Nepal for the long haul. But the people of Nepal need your help. Give now and save thousands of lives. 

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How will the funds will be used?

1. Providing clean water, food, sanitation and hygiene support to the displaced people.

2. Building shelters for the people who are left homeless and are facing the cold, unbearable Himalayan weather

How your contribution can help? 

Rs. 500  - Provide a family of six with hygiene materials 

Rs. 2500 - Provide five families with hygiene materials 

Rs. 3500 - Provide food security to a family of six for a month 

Rs. 5400 - Provide emergency shelter assistance including tarpaulins, ground sheet, solar lamps and blankets for a family

Rs. 7000 - Provide an emergency latrine to 15 persons 

Rs. 15000 - To help Oxfam India drill a shallow hand pump and supply life saving clean water for 50 persons 

Rs. 30000 - To provide toilets for 60 people in an area devastated by a natural disaster

Rs. 54000 - To provide emergency shelter assistance including tarpaulins, ground sheet, solar lamps and blankets for ten families. 

We encourage our community to stand in solidarity with distressed victims in Nepal and be part of the national effort to support them in this hour of crisis. Do contribute generously towards this relief.
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29th April 2015

First lot of USD 3500 has been transferred to CARE today.

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First lot of USD 3500 has been transferred to CARE today.

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Rs.361,720 raised

Goal: $5,000

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