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Sponsor Nutritious Meals For Destitute Elderly Persons

The Problem:
In Budhavarapeta slums in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh has a number of destitute elderly people, who are neglected by their Sons and Daughters. Many of them don’t have families to support them and resort to begging for food, while others belong to families where the adult members go off to work leaving them alone at home. Not only do they struggle with the absence of any social and economic security, but with lack of reasonable nutrition as well. These Elderly persons are spending their time at community halls, grave yard, neighbour houses.

Our Solution:
We have been providing every day nutritious meals to these 30 destitute older persons since 2009. The hot meals are distributed daily between 1-2pm and include a variety of nutritional foods like steamed cooked rice, dhal, sambhar, mixed vegetable curry, seasonal pickle, Papad etc. This means they no longer have to beg for something that is so readily available to the rest of the world. The plan is to expand this project into other nearby areas as well. By providing nutritious food to the destitute elderly people, they recovered from their ill-health.

The Impact:
The program attempts to eliminate the aged persons from begging in slums of Kurnool, who simply can’t afford to eat, and ensure a daily worth of nutritious meals. With your kind generous support the old age people can have good nutritious meal and live with dignity.
Empowering Hapless
Empowering Hapless
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6th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Greetings from SERUDS
Feeding the hungry destitute elderly persons and needy people is one of the major objective of our charitable organization.
Since 2009 after massive floods in Kurnool many of the families had relocated to the various towsn in the district and some of them are migrated to other districts.
In this critical juncture the neglected elderly persons were left in the slums and native villages with out looking after them. At that time, we observed and identified such 30 destitute old age persons ages between 60 to 90years at harijanawada, budhavarapeta slum and since then providing every day nutritious meal which includes steamed cooked rice, taar dhal, pickles, lemon rice, fruits, curd, mixed vegitable curry, rasam, etc. to such 30 old age persons at our old age care center.
With this nutritious meal the elderly persons are able to improve their health standards. Regularly we do provide new dresses to the older people to live with dignity.

Now they have strong confidence on themselves and living with out depending on any one. Before starting this old age care meal program some of the older people were used to go and begging at the certain places like temples, bazars. Now they are very happy with this every day nutritious meal program.  With out your valuable kind generous support it is very difficult for us to feed the hungry destitute needy people in time.Thanking you for supporting a noble cause.
24th March 2018
Respected Philanthropist,
Thank for all your kindness & generous support through esteemed nonrprofit organization Milaap.

As part of our regular activities we are giving nutritious meals to the 30 neglected elderly persons age between 60 to 90 years in Harijanawada slum, Budhavarapeta, Kurnool. This activity we are taken up since 2009 successfully and feeding the most deprived women, who are neglected by their sons and daughters.

30 destitute older people are having every day nutritious meals includes Steamed Cooked Rice, Taar Dhal, Sambar, Seasonal Pickle and fruits, Curd, etc. The aged persons are not able to work any more due to age concern. With this nutritious food elderly persons are very happy & their health have been improved alot. SERUDS providing sareers time to time and festival seasons.

With your kindness and kind support we are able to serve the destitute and needy in time. With out your assistance it is very difficult for us to serve the needy.

Thanking you for supporting the noble cause.
12th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Greetings from SERUDS

We have celebrated Diwali with the Poor Old age Persons at SERUDS Midday Meal Center in Kurnool town on 19.Otober.2017.
Sponsorship of Nutritious Meal for Destitute Elders
The Elderly persons were very happy during the celebrations of Diwali, we were able to see happiness & smiles on Older Persons faces. At that time they have forgotten about themselves that they have been neglected by their sons & daughters. On this festival day, we have provided Special Nutritious Food like Traditional Sweet, Colour Rice, White Rice, Tuar Dhal, Brinjal Fry, Sambhar, Curd, Seasonal Fresh fruits.
Make a Donation for Destitute Elders
They were expressed sincere gratitude towards kind gesture to the Individual philanthropists like you.
Donating Money to Charity for Elderly People
They always put you in their prayers while having a meal. 30 very poor family background and neglected elderly persons are getting daily meals, health care services from the SERUDS Charity time to time. The elderly person's age group between 60 to 90 yrs, due to age concern they are not able to do any kind of labor / daily wage work. They approached SERUDS for requesting the food sponsorship to survive remaining life.
Online Donation for Charity in India working for Elders
At this critical juncture, SERUDS agreed to provide everyday nutritious meals to 30 poor old age persons with the support of Individual donors.  We are carrying these activities for the destitute elders with the support provided by you. Thank you for all your kind continuing generous support.

With Kind Regards,
Mallikarjuna Gorla
President & CEO
Donate food for elderly people in india
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