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Help feed 5,000 homeless in Hyderabad on Independence Day


Global Shapers Community, TinMen, and Robinhood Army are joining hands to bring joy to 5,000 homeless and poor people in Hyderabad through the Independence Day week by bringing them hot, healthy, and home-cooked meals.  As India celebrates 69 years of freedom this Monday – we are taking this time to remember that more than 300 million Indians are not living that freedom the way you and I are. They are yet to be free. Free from poverty, hunger, apathy, and inequity.

So what difference can a hot meal make? It can show hope – that people still care. It can mark a beginning of a culture of giving and sharing in our country. It can be something to do on Independence Day that is more meaningful than just enjoying the long weekend.

How can you help? Buy a meal, or two, or ten. A typical TinMen meal costs Rs.80 – contribute Rs.40 and we will meet the rest of the cost. We will also pick up and distribute the food.

Imagine! For the cost of a bottle of juice you can feed someone who’s probably not had a full meal in weeks. For the cost of a lunch you can feed 6 people. For the cost of your weekend movie and dinner, you can feed 40 people. Start somewhere, start now.


1) How did this campaign come about?
Robinhood Army is a voluntary organisation. They collect leftover food from restaurants, weddings etc. and distribute it amongst the needy. They have chapters in 24 cities in India and a presence in 6 other countries. Global Shapers is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

Global Shapers in Hyderabad joined Robinhood Army on some drives and we were impressed with the immediate and much needed impact they are creating. We decided to help them in their ambitious Independence Day project #Mission500k - distributing food to 500,000 people across India and Pakistan. Their target in Hyderabad is 30,000 and we've joined hands with them to help out with 5,000.

And that's where TinMen comes in. They've agreed to provide the food for #Mission5k through their network of home chefs and caterers.

2) How will my donation be used?

100% of your donation will be used to purchase food. All the money donated on Milaap will be directly transferred to TinMen - who will in-turn pay their home chefs and caterers. Milaap charges a platform transaction fee which the Global Shapers team will bear.

3) Where will the food be distributed?

Robinhood Army will pick up and deliver the food to the homeless as well as poverty stricken in slums. This is the route map. Food will be distributed within 2-3 hours of being cooked.

4) How can I see the impact?

We will share daily updates on the work happening in the background so you can join our journey. On 15th August - we will be actively reporting our work with photos, videos, and livefeed on the Global Shapers Hyderabad Facebook Page. Follow us to stay tuned :)

5) I still want to do a reference check. Who can I talk to?

Contact Robinhood Army's City Head Uma Chilakmarri at +91 9848046880. Read recent media coverage about Robinhood Army here, here, and here. Also check out some endorsements for #Mission500k here.

6) How can I get involved more deeply?
If you’d like to join  in distributing the food on Independence Day, please click here to sign up as a volunteer. You can even host your own drive using the #Mission500k toolkit. If you'd like to help Robinhood Army in their ongoing battle again hunger, then write to them at 

Ask for an update
14th August 2016
Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your generous support for this campaign! We've achieved our goal and have put in a request to the Milaap team to end it now. Some updates from the team -

1) The rockstars over at TinMen went back to our food suppliers and re-negotiated prices. The phenomenal success this campaign has seen helped to make our case :) So we're now giving away food for 8,200 people instead of 5,000. Yayy!

2) Robinhood Army in Hyderabad reached their goal of sourcing enough food to feed 30,000 people on August 15th. You helped them get to almost one-third of that goal. More power to you!

3) Some of you signed up to be volunteers for the distribution on 15th August. You can see route maps for the areas Robinhood Army will be covering here - Secunderabad, Banjara Hills, and Madhapur. The timings of distribution, meeting points, and contact details of the Robins leading each distribution drive are also noted. Please get in touch with them directly to join in.

4) We will document and compile an impact report based on tomorrow's food distribution. We'll post the link here and also email it out to the contributors who have shared contact details with us.

Thank you once again!
Global Shapers, TinMen, Robinhood Army
10th August 2016
We have the routemap for 15th August from Robinhood Army -
9th August 2016
Our campaign was reviewed and cleared by Milaap team and we have lost our "under review" tag now. Yay!
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