This furever home is our dream. Please give us your hands of support.

Meet Shalini- a Hindustan Times Awardee 2017 for excellence in animal care.
Shalini runs Mercy for all Society- an organization that seeks to rescue abandoned animals and provide them with a loving nurturing home.

"We Mercy for All Society family are desperately looking for some kind-hearted and genuine supporters to save our rescued animal's precious lives.

We picked them up from drains, streets, highways, homes and brought them back to life after treating and nourishing them. We build up the lacking faith towards human beings in their broken hearts. We told them that still humanity is alive and people are there to care for them.
"We need to buy the land to shift all our fellow beings. Please raise your hands in support and save these four-legged, voiceless children from being homeless once again."

These kittens were orphaned when a car driver crushed their mother bringing food for them. Two guys chased the cat who held that food in her mouth and died after reaching to her kids across the road. Those guys picked up these babies who were just 10-12 days old and brought them to Shalini. 

Shalini took them in, nursed them and now they are happy family members at Mercy For All Society.

As of now, there are over 70 animals in Shalini’s shelter. These include dogs, cats, cows, donkeys, monkeys, and even birds. The shelter is located 15 km away from her house and Shalini stays there with her rescued four legged babies from morning to evening.

Hello everyone,

We are building a new home for our rescued children. This home will be their own home. We have purchased a big land costs 8 Lakhs INR and constructing an animal hospital plus home for all the needy voiceless beings. The construction work is going on since last 8 months and a very huge amount has been spent till date for the same. 

We need huge amounts of building materials such as cement , iron , sand , bricks , labour and other necessary things for this construction work. Total construction cost is going around 10 lakhs INR.


How can you help?

Running an animals welfare shelter has enormous overhead expenses. Expenses like food , staff salaries , transportation , treatments , rescues and so many hidden expenditures are always a threat for a person who is working for animal welfare without any government funding.

Shalini has braved the odds to fight for her belief that animals deserve to be treated right. She has battled threats and abuse in her fight. 
Shalini has to pay off for this shelter land cost plus construction debts in May 2018- and is desperately seeking support to ensure that her animals have a home. They need to buy the land to build the shelter- and time is running out for Shalini and the precious animals at Mercy For All Society

You can even do a bank transfer to the below account
Account number: 80808080101010357
Account holder name: Mercy For All Society
Here you can find more information about MFAS and our line of action.
Here you can find more information about MFAS and our line of action.
Hindustan Times Awardee
Hindustan Times Awardee
Bills I need to pay for shelter construction work.
Bills I need to pay for shelter construction work.
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21st May 2018
Dear Supporters,

I have some news to share with you.

I have been diagnosed with eyelid cancer and am going through under different surgeries and treatments. Due to the strain of this, I am no longer able to run and collect funds and food for our rescued four legged children.

I am currently undergoing treatment. It has become life threatening for me to wait for another span of time to complete our goal of paying off the land cost and construction debts. However, if I won't be able to pay off the costs, all the work I have done till date will go in vain and my children will be homeless once again.

The treatment of this cancer is also expensive so I am not able to bear any expenses of these voiceless beings as I was doing before.

It is my HANDFOLDED APPEAL that please hold our hands in this time of need. Their home was my biggest dream. The goal amount for this campaign has been increased. Please support our cause!

26th April 2018
Dear supporters,
Thank you for your support.

Apologies for a delayed update as I have been unwell.
So far, we've been been working on the shelter development. The construction was started and we have been able to build a hall for the animals. We were also trying build a pond for the cattle because it's summer season and the temperature is increasing. The construction was delayed because of my health issues but we're back on track now.

We get around 1-2 cases of injured animals everyday and we're trying our best to get each of them treated. We admitted this puppy yesterday, below is the picture of him. We are thankful to each one of you. Please keep supporting us so that we can help these animals.

Thank you,


8th March 2017
The story of a abused soul's enlightenment 💝
A cold night I remember was someday of December I was going to purchase food for my babies with my auto driver. Yes , it was quite dark 7 o'clock I guess. Suddenly I saw a fresh flesh piece running here n there totally insane. Stray dogs were running after that piece of blood n flesh barking. OMG he was a dog too. I was shocked looking at his head with no skin.
I asked my driver to stop immediately n show some light at him. "Ma'am wo bahut ghayal hai kaat lega aapko mat jaiye uske pass " he uttered. "Koi nahin kaat lene de , par bachana hai use" I went to the Dog n he stared at me with anger in his eyes n he was very restless undoubtedly.
I slowly continued walking towards him. I asked him to calm down n listen to me if he want to be fine. It took almost 15 minutes to convince him. N slowly I kept my hand at his torn neck to call him forward. N unbelievably he came to me n stood by my side very quietly. "Bosco" I called him. Yes he was like a boss. Giant but too weak. But I was surprised that he was listening to my every command.
Then I asked other strays of my neighborhood to keep quite n not to harass him any more n they all stood aside watching what is going to happen now.
I opened my gate n took him in. Maaa my daughter shouted. "What r u doing ??? He is not going to survive , he is finished." "Let me try beta" I tied him by his back because his neck was totally finished by maggoted wounds. Thousands n thousands of maggots were there in his wounds. Head , ears , neck totally eaten up. But I remembered my Guru's name n started his treatment.
My daughter's friends said that it is next to impossible to treat a case like him. Ask aunty to leave him somewhere outside but my daughter said just wait n watch to them.
Aloevera , turmeric , coconut oil , topicure , antibiotics , painkillers , calendula , glycerin , healers , prayers n everything I tried in his case.
Mary Bliss took the responsibility of his treatment. She sent the required money for his treatment via Western Union regularly n a day came after 4 months when he was the boss of his lane once again.
Today when I met him he came running to hug me n I thought I should share this beautiful rescue story with u all. And I need your support as well for more creatures like this.
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