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How did Mathru start?

Paraplegic brave heart, Arjuna awarded and padmashree Malathi K.Holla, afflicted by polio at infancy, stands tall in the world of paraplegic sports in india by sheer grit and determination and has won medals around the world.This 45 year old Bank Manager has launched the "Mathru Fountation" to serve the physically challenged with motherly care. Lending her a helping hand are the former International sprinter Ashwini Nachappa, International Cricketer Venkatesh Prasad, Krishna Reddy H.T. and Dr.Sridhar M.K. both physically challenged and Anantha Bhat M., a leading advocate. 

Our purpose

The foundation is already looking after 17 children for the past 5 years by way of providing them free facilities like food, accommodation, education and medical support. We would like to take on more number of people based on the financial viability
We want to start the process of vocational development to build self confidence and work towards financial independence. Injury largely due to accidents or infection of spinal cord severely affect the lower extremities and render the paraplegic with no control over their bladder and bowels. They easily succumb to associated medical complications.They feel unwanted and their morale hit a new low.In order to provide them a medical care, we have to establish a medical care centre and instill self confidence in them by giving vocational training. Create our own center which will address our purpose for larger scale by slowly moving towards self-sustainability.

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14th June 2016
Dear Supporters,
I am Vishnu Rao, a Milaap Open Fellow from Bangalore. Below is my update from my visit to the Mathru foundation in Bangalore. 
The most inspiring person I have met so far in my fellowship is Malathi Holla. An international para athlete, she has overcome insurmountable obstacles to become a champion athlete. She has been paralyzed from waist below since the age of 1. She was born on July 6th 1958, a time in India when awareness about special needs children was lacking. She spent much of her childhood away from home at a disability care centre in Chennai. She lived there for nearly 15 years of her life, up until her 10th standard. The experiences that she faced over the period of her difficult childhood motivated her to become the person that she is today. She has won over 300 medals and has been conferred the prestigious Arjuna and Padma Shri awards.
The obstacles that she faced would normally discourage a person. Malathi not only survived these impediments, she also thrived. She aimed for the stars whilst still trying to overcome setbacks in her physical condition. She had undergone 32 surgeries during the years of her adolescence, almost a surgery every six months. During such testing times, she took up sport as an alternative medicine of sorts. She set her focus on winning and trained hard every day. She truly is a triumph of human spirit over physical handicap. “I used to lap around Kanteerava stadium 25 times everyday.” she reminisced proudly. Those were the days when India had no synthetic tracks. She used to cover nearly 10 KM per day on her wheelchair over a mud track just to strengthen her arms. This used to spoil her wheelchair tyres so badly that she had to replace them every week. It is such determination and commitment that has taken her places. She believes that the most important attribute that an athlete should have is mental strength. With mental strength comes  positivity and confidence. “Confidence is not sold in a Bazaar, it needs to come from within” she says.
She currently works as a manager at Syndicate Bank and trains part time as a para athlete. She represented India in the Paralympics held in South Korea, Barcelona, Athens and Beijing; the Asian Games held in Beijing, Bangkok, South Korea and Kuala Lumpur; World Masters held in Denmark and Australia, Commonwealth Games in Australia and Open Championships in Belgium, Kuala Lumpur and England. She launched her autobiography “A Different Spirit” recently and has also become a motivational speaker too. “Touchwood, I am still a winning horse, in India no one can beat me” she remarked humbly.
She has now set up the Mathru foundation to provide motherly care for the physically challenged.
The foundation is already looking after 17 children for the past few years by way of providing them free facilities like food, accommodation, education and medical support. The lack of awareness on handling children with disabilities, especially in smaller cities is what motivated her to take up this cause. Children come into the home at an age of around 12 and then stay on till they finish their education. They are educated in private schools near the home. She tells me that most teachers in private schools are not convinced about teaching disabled children. They need to be reassured most times. She believes that its not the teacher's job to differentiate between children and hopes to see a change in this attitude. Most children take up vocational courses post education. She is proud about the fact that seven students from her foundation have now got jobs.
Malathi also told me about how she forces a strict discipline in her home. She recounted the story of the first child to come to her home. He came in as a 12 year old to the home. He was mostly paralyzed from neck down, only one hand used to work. Owing to this condition, he was ignored at home and brought up almost disregarded. When he came to the home, he was highly indisciplined and uncooperative. He lacked basic awareness, noticeable by the fact that he incessantly used foul language. Slowly and steadily under Malathi’s direction and counselling, he improved. Today he has finished his schooling as a ranked student and can now look forward to life positively.
Mathru foundation is now moving to a bigger location on the outskirts of Bangalore. They are now expanding and taking up nearly thirty more children for their next year's intake. Malathi’s aim is to increase this number to a 100 someday. 

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