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 *** Note : Final outer Body(fairing) design will be Revealed at a later stage ,And it will Be Really Beautiful***

"Our Vision Is To Build The Most Affordable And Reliable Electric Super-Bike In The World That Beats Petrol Powered Motorbikes In Their Own Field"

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Introduction :
Every story has a beginning, from here everything evolves, Every company has a first product there's always a number one, Some are forgotten, Some become legends, But they always breed an Entrepreneurial spirit, Daring to do something different ,Something new, believing in the future, Believing in the possibility to change for the better,
All great stories start with a chapter 1,
This is our Chapter 1 ,The Mankame EP-1

        We are a Indian team of Engineers, developing what will be India's first electric Superbike named the  EP-1, The electric Superbike will be comparable to 600-650 cc motorbikes with internal combustion engines in terms of performance, with a top speed of 250 km/h  The bike will run more than 500 km on a single charge

The combination of lightning fast acceleration and aerodynamic bodywork make for a fearsome sport bike.

An Amazing Liquid Cooled 18.4 KWh Battery-Pack
A combination of High Density Samsung cells make up the entire Battery-Pack, With dedicated Matrix BMS system to monitor and control individual cells providing high levels of safety and efficiency

More Than 500 Km* On A Single Charge
*A total Range of 480 Kilometers on a full charge, at 70 Km/h on the highway and a range of 500 Km ~ 550 Km in the City with Active Regenerative braking

An Extremely Quiet Belt Drive System
The rear wheel is driven by an Aramid Kevlar reinforced Belt drive system connected to a 40KW high performance PMSM Motor with 180nm at the shaft and 432nm at the wheel, resulting in Quiet operation and increased torque-jerk tolerance and eliminating any lubrication needs

251 Km/H To 0 Km/H
The braking system consists of dual 320mm front and 245 mm rear disks with brembo calipers, reinforced with dual-channel intelligent ABS and traction control with Machine Learning developed in-house.


Engine | Motor
  • High Performance 40KW proprietary Motor
  • Speed : 8000 RPM
  • Rated torque : 100 N.m
  • Peak torque : 180 N.m
  • Protection class : IP67
  • Cooling : Liquid cooled(Water)
  • Poles : 8
   Front : Ohlins USD Fork
  • Stroke : 120 mm
  • Length : 800 mm
  • Fully adjustable
   Rear : Ohlins TTX GP **(optional) + $850
  • Showa pressurized(standard)
  • Stroke : 30 mm
  • 320mm Dual ventelated Disks
  • Brembo Dual piston Calipers
  • Safety : Dual channel ABS With wheel contact sensors for traction control
  • 245 mm Ventilated Disk.
  • Brembo single piston caliper
  • Safety : Dual channel ABS With wheel contact sensors for traction control
  • Wheelbase : 1440 mm
  • Ground clearance : 190 mm | 7.3"
  • Curb weight : 160 kg
  • Maximum(safe) laden weight : 280 kg
Electrical System
  • Solid state digital semiconductors – no fuses or relays.
  • CAN bus operated and fully programmable functionality.
  • Processor : ARM Cortex a53
  • intelligent battery monitoring
  • Real-time wheel position and speed measurement
  • intelligent braking response with traction control
  • Active Redundancy
  • Three Processor System to eliminate electrical or throttle malfunction (Fault tolerance)
  • Dual independent control systems for all electrical systems
  • Coefficient of drag : 0.44
Electric Drive
  • Stored Energy : 18.4 kWh
  • Peak power output : 414 kW
  • Matrix BMS System
  • Modular Battery system
  • Power output restricted to 230 kW
  • Aluminum honeycomb reinforced Carbon Fibre enclosure
  • Battery weight : 65 kg
  • Charging time : TBD
  • TBD

Competitor Comparison Chart
1. Comparision with 600 CC Gasoline sport bikes

2. Comparision with 1000 CC Gasoline sport bikes

 Range Graph Plots.

Plot Conditions
Total weight : 250 kg
Battery Energy : 18400 Wh
Max Torque(Limited to) : 120 N.m
Max Current(Limited to) : 120 A
Max Power(load) : 27600 W
Max Efficiency : 93%
Aerodynamics Coefficient(Cd) : 0.41
Rolling Resistance : 0.023
Face Surface : .46 M 2

Range of 708 Kilometers at the Speed of 50 Km/h

Range of 521 Kilometers at the Speed of 82.5 Km/h

Range of 140 Kilometers at the Speed of 210 Km/h

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
How Fast Will It Go?
  • Economy Mode can go upto 120 km/h
  • Sport mode can go up to 180 km/h
  • Race mode Can go upto and is limited to 251 km/h
How Far Can It Go?
  • Economy Mode can go upto 600 kilometers with regenerative braking Per charge
  • Sport mode can go up to 350 kilometers  with regenerative braking Per Charge
  • Race mode Can go upto 140 kilometers per charge
How Long Do The Batteries Last?
the Lithium ion batteries and cells used in this Bike are rated at  800 cycles and to improve this, the cells are kept in proper condition and used with multiple safety factors in place to prevent cell overload that reduces battery life
Where Will The EP-1 Be Built?
It will be built in a small city called Dharwad in India.
Will There Be A Weight Limit?
The EP-1 will be able to accomodate 2 passengers or a combined weight of 160 kg (360 lbs)

What You Get From Us :
  1. Indepth Updates of our daily and Weekly progress via Emails
       Photographs of our progress
  1. Indepth Photographs of the design
       Launch Invitation as part of our Extended Crew
  1. A Mankame Automotive t-shirt

How You Can Help Us In Making This Dream A Reality

Bringing an electric vehicle to production has high up-front costs.  Your support will help bring production cost down by allowing for larger orders on big-ticket items. Your support will also help develop next-generation tooling and fixtures for ease of manufacturing and assembly.
Your feedback will help us continue to make the best motorbike that meets the needs of real riders.
Support from the Indian community also reassures us that we are on the right path.  It also uncovers deficiencies that we might have overlooked.  With such a diverse audience,
Please Share Our Campaign Through Social Media And Your Friends.
We Are Just One Step Away From Making This A Reality
Please Contribute,
Thank You
Range of 140 Kilometers at the Speed of 210 Km/h
Range of 140 Kilometers at the Speed of 210 Km/h
Range of 521 Kilometers at the Speed of 82.5 Km/h
Range of 521 Kilometers at the Speed of 82.5 Km/h
Range of 708 Kilometers at the Speed of 50 Km/h
Range of 708 Kilometers at the Speed of 50 Km/h
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