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I am fundraising to fight malnutrition amongst tribal orphans in India

# MalnutritionTribalOrphans

Our strategy to address malnutrition sustainably

We are raising funds to help the children who are malnourished and urgently need access to a well-balanced meal. We have a long term project designed, which is crafted to look after the needs of the children for the coming years. The funds raised will be used to buy livestock and lentils, and on hiring a farm hand. The funds will partly go towards buying 4 cows. Of the 4 cows, 2 cows will offer about 10 litres of milk every day during the period of milking. The remaining 2 cows will be used during the "dry period" of the first two cows and in this cyclical manner, there will be adequate supply of milk throughout the year. A farm hand will be hired who will tend to the cows and the farm land. The farm land is 2 acres in size and when optimally utilised, it can supply fruits and vegetable needed by our centre The excess of fruits and vegetables will be sold in the market to create a corpus fund which will fund the salary of the farm hand for the subsequent year. We will need to procure dal and rice from the market.

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What brought us here?

Life has never been very kind to 12 year old Ram (name changed). He was born to a Santhal family in Purulia district, West Bengal, and his mother died 15 days after giving birth to him. Worried that he might have to live in poverty for the rest of his life, he was taken under the wing of Ananda Nagar Women's Welfare Department, where a kindly woman by the name of Sister Kalpana took care of him. Ram is now in the 7th Std and remains at Ananda Nagar Central Children's Home.

Ram's friend at Ananda Nagar, Devdutt (name changed), is in the 8th Std and was born in Belpahadi, Midnapur district of West Bengal. Orphaned when he was a month old, Devdutt's grandmother handed him over to some "didis"  at Ananda Nagar,who then cared for him. He too continues to live at Ananda Nagar Central Children's Home.

There is a common – and sombre – thread that binds Ram and Devdutt. Both of them are stunted physically, as a result of not receiving proper nutrition when they were very young. To help them, and several other children like them who belong to the Santhal tribe, we at the Ananda Nagar Development Society are collectively combating malnutrition. We have been involved in integrated rural development in an extremely impoverished tribal region of West Bengal, India. We have been serving in this region since 1964 and run educational institutions, charitable hospitals, and several children's home for the poorest of poor living in this region.

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Our project plan

The division of the funds is as follows:

To buy 4 cows : Rs.2,00,000

Hire a farm hand (@Rs.5000 p.m): Rs.60,000

Procure dal for 40 children for 1 year: Rs.60,000

Total: Rs.3,20,000

How you can help?

With your support, we will cover most of the children's nutritional needs for the current year and for the future as well. We believe the best use of money is when it can offer recurring benefits.


Why should I get involved?

Human society is large and indivisible and it is hence up to those who have the power to make a difference to use it for the betterment of others less fortunate.

What do I get?

1.Experience the Joy of Giving!

2.Receive 80G tax exemption certificate

Why should I support your cause?

1.We work with the most underprivileged human beings – tribal orphans

2.We  work to effect a sustainable difference.

You will notice on our campaign page that our project is designed to ensure sustainability of food source and does not rely on donations for monthly recurring expenditure

Who are you and how can I trust your organization?

Our NGO, Ananda Nagar Development Society has been working in the region since 1964. We run schools, colleges and charitable hospitals for the marginalized tribals.

You can follow us at our website and on Facebook.

We are confident that you will be convinced of our credibility

What can I do to contribute?

• You can contribute on this page using your debit/credit card.

• Most importantly you can SPREAD THE WORD. Your friends and family trust you and this is where you make the greatest difference.

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20th December 2015
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Hi all,

After the successful online campaign, our team got busy in implementing the project.

We have 2 new additions to our family:

Birghu: Our farm hand who has been with us for 2 months now. He earns Rs.4500 per month and takes care of the 2 acre farmland and the 2 cows. He has planted brinjal, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, chilly, spinach, carrot and lettuce. Banana, papaya and moringa are Birghu our farm handnext in line. A lovely vegetable garden supplying organic veggies to our children is today a reality thanks to your collective initiative and Birghu's hardwork. He is a very sincere and good man. We consider ourselves lucky that he joined our family.

Tara and Tarangini: Tara is our cow who joined us a week back. She gives us 11 litres of milk every day. 2 litres are sold in the market so that the money can be used to buy cowfeed. 1 litre is used by her calf whom we fondly call Tarangini. The remaining 8 litres of milk provides a glass of milk to 35 primary children. We bought Tara for Rs.40,000.

Our children werent getting any dairy supplements but with your unconditional love this is now possible.

A big thank you for your efforts.

Also Gauri, a cow who has been with us for 2 years now is finally pregnant. For the couple of years, we tried artificial insemination a few times but it didnt work. Now finally Gauri is 3 months pregnant and in 7 months she will start giving us milk. So when Tara is almost done with her yeomen service, Gauri will be ready to support the children.

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