Poor farmer son works infield and outfield to save his sons life

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"From the last three years his (Mahir's) medicines and treatment have cost around Rs. 2-3 Lakh a year.  My whole life saving has exhausted now.After work , I go from place to place , door to door to ask for help" - Surendra, mahir's father. 

"In the family of six mahir's father is the only one who earns, and whole family is dependent on him"

Surendra , Mahir , Seema ( Mahir's Mother) and his two youger sisters.

7 year-old Mahir has been suffering from thalassemia major since birth. After the years of struggle and hardship, finally his family came to know that this life threatning disorder can be cured through a bone marrow trasnplant. His father , A Carpenter after his work goes from door to door to ask for help.

Blood transfusion is the only reason that Mahir is alive till now.  

"For over 7 years mahir has been undergoing blood  transfusions every month. He simply cannot survive without one . Blood transfusions and medicines costs around Rs. 25000 a month to his father , his father has been helped by several people as these transfusions and medications , costs much more than his salary. 

"School is the place where Mahir love to go"

Mahir loves to spend good time with all of his friends in the school , Before his blood transfusions , he falls ill for a couple of days , as a reason of which he is'nt consistent in his school. I want him to go to school like a normal child and become successful in life.- Surendra 

“ from his ( Mahir's ) birth to Till now, I’ve spent at least Rs 15 lakhs on his treatments and medicines, out of which, I’ve borrowed around Rs 8 lakhs. I was shocked when I saw that the transplant itself costs around Rs 14 lakhs. On top of that, for treatment, we must move to CMC  Vellore (from Gunj Basoda ,madhya pradesh) for 6 months and that’s going to be very expensive. We don’t know anyone there. People in my neighborhood have helped me and so have some people around the shop I work in.  - Surendra , extremely disappointed.

"Crowedfunding is the only option i have now" The total cost of the bone marrow transplant is estimated to be around Rs 14 lakhs + medical expenses, which I cannot afford even I work for decades.

Good news for mahir from "THALASSEMICS INDIA"


Mahir's father came to know that Coal India provides fund for Thalassemia patients , following that he applied for the fund. Fund of ₹ Ten lakhs has been approved from Thallassemics India.

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7-year-old Mahir is struggling for his life day and night . He has been suffering from life-threatening Thalassemia Major since his birth. Now, as his condition worsens, his only hope of survival is to get a bone marrow transplant but his father has absolutely no resources to help him. Surendra Vishwakarma needs your help to save his son.


Hla matching reports
Hla matching reports
News in the paper
News in the paper
Quotation letter of CMC , hospital Vellore
Quotation letter of CMC , hospital Vellore

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wishing your son all the best

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Get well soon Child. डोनेशन करने वाले सभी भाई बंधुओं से निवेदन है की, मासूम की आईडी अपने सभी परिचितों के साथ भी शेयर करें।। शायद हमारे थोडे से प्रयास से मासूम फिर से स्वस्थ हो सके।।

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