March against bride trafficking with MABT2018

This fundraiser is for supporting the Founder of Empower People, Shafiqur Rahman Khan and his team, in the March Against Bride Trafficking, 2018 (MABT2018) with sufficient funds to complete it successfully.

Starting from 25th March, 2018, Shafiqur Rahman Khan alongwith dedicated volunteers, embarked on an 8000 km long march against bride trafficking (popularised on social media as #MABT2018) from Assam to Himachal Pradesh, to strengthen and power the movement against the rising trend of bride trafficking, by empowering local communities about the deceitful racket of traffickers and building working partnerships with other anti-trafficking units.

By 5th May, 2018 the March has already covered 8000 odd kilometers in 4 States, and has atleast 4000 kms more to cover! 

By funding this March, you are directly aiding the fight against bride trafficking on ground to secure and safeguard the human rights of our children and women.

The March is empowering anti-trafficking units and groups on ground with a dedicated ANTI TRAFFICKING HELPLINE NUMBER 011 300 102 11 to ensure that no roadblock faced by them goes unattended and unresolved.

The March will need all the help it can get to sustain until its ultimate destination in Shimla.

How your funds will be of great help:

The March is being carried out along a route traversing 10 Indian States from Karbi Anglong in Assam to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and this is the route which is responsible for more than 60% trafficking happening in the country; including cross-border trafficking from Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. He needs all funds possible, to make it a huge success with maximum outreach and for this movement to also stand as a shining example of the true power of the people! 

He will be sharing his insights, experiences, stories from anti-trafficking groups and units and observations with the Central Government of India with an aim to strengthen the movement against this issue and make it very difficult for this racket to operate by countering it with a holistic approach with the combined strength of the State, the communities and other youth groups or NGOs.

Shafiq has also organised a March before in the year 2012 and among many other stories the one that stands out goes like this:

Listening to the Marchers talking about the issue
Two mothers fall unconscious,
And it was found that their girls had been missing.
They had not even known how to ask for help!
And not even their neighbours had an inkling of it...

This is an experience from the march conducted in 2012. There are many such silent sufferers out there for lack of awareness and lack of voice or faith in anyone listening to them.

As a matter of fact, during the course of this march in 2018, the team has already met many other families absolutely unaware of how to get help in case their daughters go missing! 

It would on the other hand, delight you to know that inspired by the March, the State Government of Bihar has launched a 6 month long anti-trafficking campaign in the State!

So do come forward unhesitatingly to help power the movement with encouraging funds and spreading the word so no one suffering injustice and abuse has to suffer in silence for lack of ears to listen or hearts, minds or arms to rescue and rehabilitate.

If you have questions, feel free to write at

Links of interest:
Visit the website for more details:

Follow the work on social media for regular updates:
Twitter: @empowerpeoplein
Daily Report :

You can watch a documentary by Al Jazeera about the cause against bride trafficking featuring Shafiqur Rahman Khan and the effort. 

Thank you in advance for your warm support, shine on!

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20th May 2018
Dear All-you-awesome-beings-on-earth,

It has been two weeks since the last update. Thank you for bearing with me. There is much that has been happening and not been happening on the #MABT2018 front. Among all that has worked or not, what continues on is the spirit to keep the march going! The meetings with the communities and the Government administration bodies have been going on unabated and all the updates and live videos can be found on the facebook page of Empower People right here.

This time, I do not have day reports to share with you since the team is lean, resources are bare and team members have either fallen ill or have been called to attend to the other pulls of their respective lives. BUT. I do have some lovely links for you to catch up with some treasures from the world of the fight against bride trafficking especially from the zone that Empower People operates in, the cause you have bolstered with your contribution:
March Against Bride Trafficking, a video report

Youth Ki Awaaz:
An insight from the eyes of a Sociologist

EP Live video from Agra:
Recommended watch of a session with a community in Agra

ताजनगरी में गूंजेगी मासूम कलियों के मन की पुकार

We also virtually celebrated completion of 50 days of #MABT2018 on 14th of May, 2018.

Today is Day 56 and the team is in Delhi having completed districts in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Assam.

Keep your spirit tuned in solidarity with the team, we are going to need all the reserve of energy to pull through the last lap. Shine on within your circle of life and know that you are immensely appreciated even in realms beyond our comprehension. Stay awesome.
6th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thanking you again and again for your solidarity for the March!

First up, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that the team has covered 8000 kms yesterday, responding to the needs on ground and in maximising the reach of the March. If all works out well, they have about 4000 kms more to cover!!
Second up, some good news from the side of interactions with the Government officials:

1. The State Government of Bihar has launched a 6 month long campaign against trafficking in the State having been inspired by the March against Bride Trafficking, 2018, supported by you! YaY!

2. The intense on-ground meetings being carried out by the team with the various District Administration officers related to protection of children and anti-trafficking units, have revealed plenty insights into the challenges being faced in the implementation of anti-trafficking efforts. The awesome news is that our team has already helped discover loopholes in the ICPS mechanism in place and suggested some modifications which has inspired the State Governments of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar to issue sponsorship guidelines in relation to the ICPS Scheme which was malfunctioning due to some technical glitches.

Third up, for your reference, here are few links to the media spotlight on MABT2018:
Zee Coverage
Star News

And fourth up, my dear friends, as always here are the further day reports from #MABT2018 yatra across the north eastern region of India:

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34

Day 35

Fifth up, the expense bills are also being uploaded on the website and you can find them right here in the accounts tab to the right of the visible 5 tabs, thank you again for your priceless support!

Lastly in this report, an appeal from me to you: if you find this cause to be worthy, I would urge you to encourage your friends and family to contribute, the MABT rally could use all the help we can get and if you have any concern or query, please feel free to write in!

Thank you once again!
Keep shining on!!!    
26th April 2018
Ahoy lovely people on earth!

Here's a volley of updates for you from the past few days!!!

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

Day 30

I also had an opportunity to attend a conference conducted at TISS, titled Child Marriage vis-a-vis Human Trafficking, thanks to the members of EP! There were a whole load of wonderful people present there who shared their experiences and expressed solidarity to end the menace of child marriage. While I listened on, I kept wishing for Shafiq ji to be there at the event too because of the wealth of knowledge, insight and experience he could have brought to the table! The great thing though is that the March continues unabated and you are to be thanked for it very muchly!

Keep spreading your jazz!!!

Lots of love,

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