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I am fundraising to support theater for social change
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Human society has always been giving birth to leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi. Where do they come from? Why were they successful in serving their society? Answer can be found in Love. Their love for their society gave them courage and will to work for it. If there is love for the society, one can definitely solve the problems of the society. So imagine if we are able to generate love for people in problem, many social problems can be solved. But how can this love for others be generated? We consider this as a natural process. In technical terms, psychologists say that we all are soft-wired to 'Empathic distress'. The moment we see the other(with whom we can identify with) in pain, there develops a distress in our mind, that distress is called empathic distress. Actually this empathic distress is the only reason behind the success of great leaders. The people of Tigaon, where our intervention is based have been struggling with problem of incapable leaders. Their leaders have always failed to serve to the promises. The people who suffer the most are the people at the bottom of the pyramid. We would showcase the lives and miseries of people at the bottom of pyramid through theatre. The theatre would be performed by involving the youth from the community itself. This would create realization in people’s minds. Once people will start developing interest in the issues, we would provide them mentoring support and make them capable enough to work for their community. Message from Mayank Gandhi - Founder Love Thy Neighbor "Our intervention is based in Tigaon village in Haryana. Village population classified on the basis of caste- 70% Gujjar community, 25% Scheduled castes, 5% other castes. Here the dominant section is Gujjar community. The target beneficiaries are Balmiki community (SC). The members of this community work as 'Jamadars'. They have been into this profession since centuries. In spite of government welfare schemes, this community is not able to get out of this profession. The reason behind this is lack of empathy in minds of people responsible for functioning of their society. These people are majorly from dominant section like Gujjar community. They only form the local government, administration etc. Generating empathy in their minds through medium of theater would help in changing the social acceptance of the Balmiki community."

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