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#YHRIBornFree Helps The Poor

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The fathers and mothers raise a great outcry, for their children are hungry and it's getting very cold. No fuel, no food, nothing to warm up the winter.” Our children are suffering from various ailments and no doctors care. We get no free medication, no ration, above all no response and no respect. POVERTY IS NOT A CRIME!!!
Others have mortgaged whatever they had, yet there is no hope of a new beginning. Land, houses, shops, even vessels were sold to get food grains from the locals. Many of them are already in dept with the food grain stores in the neighborhood. No money to pay back.”
Still others were saying, “We have had to borrow money to pay tax on our fields and houses. Although we are of the same flesh and blood, we have tried our best to make the miserable, able. It's a pity to see potbellied officers feasting on others account. They have no pity, nor mercy, and their children are not spared. We have spoken to various money lenders to spare them from their interests. They keep quite but make threatening calls and charging them in excess. Hence, #YHRIBornFree is a medium to spread the work of HUMAN RIGHTS. THE RIGHT TO LIVE has been so badly violated, that where there should be RIGHTS there is a RIOT. We still continue to rescue and resolve their rights, but they are living in fear. More are the enemies less are the workers who have given them respite. #YHRIBornFree is a helping aid giving money where it is need and grain where there is a shortage. We are still fighting to stop charging interest! To give back to them immediately their land and houses, and also the interest you are charging them—one percent of the money and grain.”
If the majority is with us, then there are chances that the money lenders may give them their land and houses back, till they get back on their feet.”
#YHRIBornFree has also requested priests, principals, teachers, officials to be lenient and not treat them harshly. We can only hope they follow to do what is right. “In this way may we can recreate the city of corruption and malpractices to be a city of righteousness. May the authorities shake up, shape up and declare the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION of HUMAN RIGHTS and set its people free from INHUMANITY AND INDIGNITY.
Its is only because of your individual and corporate generosity many families have received their grain and where it was necessary some cash too.
#YHRIBornFree is just a chapter of youthforhumanrights.org. Our primary duty lies in the education of Human Rights, due to the pandemic we could not bear to see families being locked inside homes. We are a non-governmental and non-political organization. Our vision is to ensure RACIAL EQUITY WORLDWIDE!!!
There is heavy burden on the people and may we together make the miserable able.
#YHRIBornFree along with our collaborators are distributing whatsoever we get to the people, where there is a need for food, food. Where there is a need for books, books. Where there is a need for fee, then fees too!!!

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