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Together We Can Keep Their Hopes Alive
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Students of Greenland public school

    from Bengaluru, Karnataka

"Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies", this line from Shawshank Redemption has been my main motto ever since I've walked into a classroom filled with 32 amazing little fellas.

Nethra, one of my students who is a believer of Periyar E V Ramasamy, often talks to me about her vision for her community not only her classroom. Being bit dark skinned she often faces criticism by few of her schoolmates.  Her vision of making a community which is free from racism and dominance is commendable.

This is one such story, the movement you step into our classrooms at Greenland Public School, Rajendranagar, you can find students who are diligent, aspiring, seekers and learners. They are worthy of everything we give to them, one act of kindness or just a sneak peek into our classroom will make them glowing like bright stars.

You will find them taking up responsibilities of teaching each other, owing to change what they wish to see in others and pushing the barriers laid in the community.

Greenland Public School is a low-income private school in Rajendranagar which is based right behind the most happening place in Bangalore, Koramangala. All the city lights and parties happen to fade away as we reach this community. Walking down the lanes of this community was like a nightmare coming alive to me as this is one of the most complex and conservative communities I've ever come across. I was saved by the tiny yet strong-willed bunch of stars.

Sanitation, basic education is the primary battle they have to face each and every day. Against all the odds they face in the community these kids keep on pushing the each and every year. They left no stone unturned when it comes to achieving things right from being invited to KIDS EDUCATION REVOLUTION as a student leader to being a part of SSERD( Society for space education and research development) talks.

Our kids will enter grade 4 and 5 this year, and as their teachers, our collective vision is to make sure that they met minimum needs to go to school and provide the resources and opportunities which will make their vision and dream come true.

Suheel( TFI fellow), Gayathri Sri (TFI fellow) and Sneha Singh (TFI fellow) we as a school team have been trying to merge our aspirations and meet the needs of 60 students. We have been doing many things, things we would have never imagined right from becoming painters to taking special classes for kids after school to teaching them through experimental learning.

As our school doesn't have any paints at all, our school started painting our classrooms, but there is a lot be done in terms of school infrastructure and provisions which are essential for our kids.

With the right kind of exposure and access to these amenities, our kids can achieve their dreams and we need your help in this cause.
You can extend your help to provide any one of the amenities and we are hoping to make this happen this year.

  1.  Dramebaaz (Citywide) -  Rs. 2,500  (Interested students)
  2. Space Trek (SSERD) -   Rs. 33,000 ( Rs. 550 per student including food and travel)
  3. School trip to Jawarharlal Nehru Planetarium - Rs. 3,600 ( Rs. 60 per student including food and travel)
  4. Library( bookshelf, books, board games) - Rs.10,000
  5. Audio Visual Equipment (Projector, speaker) - Rs. 17,900
  6. Miscellaneous ( Paints, infrastructure, science lab equipment, notice boards etc) - Rs. 23,000
  7. Career guidance for 10-grade students - Rs. 10,000
                             Total Amount: Rs. 1,00,000

With you being with us, the children of Greenland Public School can achieve everything they have ever imagined and dreamt about. Let us take a step and pledge that one day every child will get an excellent education which will make him/her a true leader.

Lets us ask a simple question to ourselves when we think about these children, "If not us, who? If not now, when?"

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