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Contribute to Humanity Turning inwards
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Why turn inwards?

We have been taught so many things by everyone and the circumstances we have been through. But there is this constant feeling that something is missing! If this connects to you, it’s because nothing has brought You closer to the Truth of knowing what this Life is all about!?

We tend to look at things on the outside for the Quality of Life that we are having. Most of us go about our lives running behind education, success, fame, money, marriage, family, security and the list goes on. The most fundamental problem that the world is facing right now is that Majority of us Do Not Know the Basis of Who We Are! From this, so many false identities arise and we can now clearly see the amount of chaos that is resulting from it.

Each one of us at some point in our Lifespan is bound to ask questions about Life. Why? Because no matter how much one accomplishes things on the outside, it can never let you have that experience of being complete. There is always one or the other thing that's lacking and you keep shifting from one thing to the other. Even the richest of people in the world, having had all the luxury financially, do not feel complete within themselves. Without even realizing, your whole Life would have passed right by and that's the Biggest Tragedy that a human being can face.
In the name of country, religion, culture, selfishness, and amidst all the mess that we have created, what is suffering the most is our very own Planet Earth. The only place that we know of that is habitable for humans, is being used up in every possible way. If this continues, the future generations will not have a Beautiful planet to look at, they will have a planet that would have lost its originality and what a shame that would be on our part if we Let that happen.

If you have had a glance at the Picture of Earth set for this campaign, you will notice that there are no boundaries to it, no lines complaining about whose land belongs to whom, no single species showing it's dominance over the other. That is because this is Home to All of us, second to none. There is just Life and we all are ONE!

For someone looking from the outside, they will certainly not believe what's happening on the face of the planet.  It's now or never to re-construct, live in harmony with the million other species on the Planet and the Only way to do that is to Turn Inwards. To begin such a transformation, there has to be a step by step process through which the Bigger goal can be achieved. Such a change will not happen overnight and will need detailed planning, co-operation of people, support form the local government, phases of execution and completion.

To start off, the first step that we have in line is to make people realize, in person, that the problems that they think they have are incomparable to the problems that the entire planet is facing! Only when one gets to realize how minute their issues are and how deeply one has dug their own grave by being in their own Psychological world, would one yearn to start looking beyond their own needs and work on something that's bigger than themselves.

There have been and there are a few leaders now also, who have given their whole Life to spread the message of spirituality and the importance of it. People who have come in touch with them and experienced the Bliss of it know how it shifts their perspective on Life. But even with the leaders best efforts, the ratio of people out there is just too large for them to reach out alone.

Why Let's Be Life!?

The most challenging place to make this happen would undoubtedly be India, as it is home to all the religions, cultures and people with different backgrounds. It's never easy with such a diversity, but we will be doing our share in the transformation here, by starting off in Bangalore. In the long-run, we plan to spread the events across other parts of Inda as well by building a team of Like-minded people with a common goal.

Let's Be Life! is not another event where one will be told that everything is ok and everything will be fine! You have been told this for a long time now. That will just help you to sleep well but it is never getting you closer to Reality! Almost everyone is living with Problems on a daily basis and creating new ones, which adds so many limitations to an individuals capability.

Here, one can share their problems in a safe space and be ready to have your current Beliefs challenged to have a better perspective of Life. Like how any seed would need proper nurturing to grow into its full potential, the central objectives of the event are:
1) To trigger off the seed that’s already in an individual by giving them a taste of Spirituality and allowing them to make their own choices in moving forward.
2) To start peeling off all layers of what Life is not! So what remains is Life!

This will be an interactive session to talk just about YOU and get you to have an experience of what turning inwards feels like.

Who is the event for?

Minimum age limit: 18 years

People who:

1) Have questions about Life
2) Are not aware of who Sadhguru is!
3) Are immersed in their problems and want to be free
4) Always complain about various things in their Life
5) Are open to having their current beliefs challenged
6) Are new to spirituality/meditation and want to get started
7) Have wrong assumptions about spirituality and would like to know what it is all about
8) Are restless and always feel the need to do something or the other
9) Want to have a better quality of Life!
10) Truly aspire to help others in their own way
11) Do not realize how Precious it is to be Alive!
12) Are prisoners of their own Psychological world
13) Have never experienced Life the way it is.
14) Are trying to find a Purpose out of Life!

Few real-life scenarios:
- Working professionals who wait for the Weekends to enjoy
- Getting bogged down due to family issues
- Limiting choices in Life because of past experiences
- Being addicted to something to escape from reality
- Living compulsively on a daily basis
- Getting frustrated with smallest of things
- Stuck with events from the past

Activities during the session:
- Meditation
- Open discussions about Problems and Life with each person
- Introduction to spirituality and the fundamental aspects of it
- Videos to introduce Sadhguru, Isha foundation and I For Indya (An organization that enables you to achieve your business and career goals, with clarity, commitment, and creativity. IFI enables and supports you to go further and faster with your business and career, by combining personal coaching, creative problem solving and execution based learning. IFI's primary mission is to fundamentally transform 100,000 lives by 2020 by operating across 4 verticals: careers, corporates, educators and social impacters)
Outcomes of the event:
1) Share and discuss problems in a Safe space!
2) Feel revived and get a new perspective on your Problems by getting to the root of it
3) Reduce the extent to which situations affect you and get started on leading a better quality of Life!
4) Accept yourself as you are
5) Clearing the wrong notions about spirituality
6) Break the norms of everything you think you are and take the first step in becoming Aware of who you Truly are
7) Have an experience of what Turning Inwards feels like
8) A Simple meditation technique which can be practiced anytime, anywhere
9) Walk out with a possibility to Live in a better way
10) Clarity on what your limiting beliefs are and get closer to Reality
11) Begin to experience True Wellbeing!
12) Options to move forward
13) Become a part of #LetsBeLife! community

First Event details:

- Sunday, 22nd July 2018, 01:30 PM - 4:00 PM

- Location: Dialogues Cafe, Koramangala
- Limited to 10 Participants only

- The Language of Instruction: English

- Duration of the session: 2.5 Hrs

- Let's Be Life! has no association with any religion.

Event lead:
Anil Kanthi: A Mystic in the making, Follower of Sadhguru, Scientist at Strand Life Sciences and Founder of Let's Be Life!

All this will require a huge effort, planning, coming up with new and innovative ideas, marketing, finance, and various other resources to host the events, to get people on board, to help them overcome their own problems, to follow up with each individual personally and at the same time create a community of people to make a real positive impact on the World. Hence the need of raising funds through this campaign which will allow us to reach out to the mass of people and conduct one-on-one sessions with them in order to overcome their own limits as well as to make them realize their capabilities and the responsibility that they have for the World they live in.

Provisional Goals of Let's Be Life!
- To create a community of 1,000 people in the next 5 years
- To transform the Lives of 2,000 individuals in the next 5 years
- To spread the benefits of Meditation and spirituality across India
- To help people lead a better Quality of Life and help in restoring nature to its Original form.

Only when people experience the reality of their existence, will they begin to handle everything on the outside in a very gentle way, which will then prosper into thousands of different beautiful things as more and more people become aware of themselves.
We do not have many pictures to display as of now, but as the first event is being hosted on 22nd July 2018, we will keep updating on the events as they happen and how they have impacted the people to give them a larger perspective on Life.

Your valuable support is highly appreciated.

Let’s Be Life! You owe this to yourself and the World. It’s Time has come.

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