This School Needs To Be Repaired To Avoid Mishaps In Monsoons

We recently did a plantation program in a village called Revanuru in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. During that program we were requested to do same at a Govt. run school located in the backward colony of the village.

So we visited the school and understood that the School doesn't just need plantation but more than that. The school is really in a pathetic condition. First of all you never feel like it's a school, it seem to me like some abandoned building. Teachers and kids told me that some times concrete pieces off the roof fall on them. I noticed huge cracks on some walls. Here are some pics to illustrate what I'm saying.

We've also identified some works need to be done there which includes:
1. Building a compound wall followed by tree plantation. The wall will protect those trees. and avoid other animals in village to enter the school premises.
2. Repairing work to be carried out in at least two class rooms.
3. Painting work for interior and exterior walls.

We spoke to the Head master of the school to get some funds for this school so as to finish these works. It seems like they tried hard in the past to get funds from the Govt. but nothing was done from higher officials side. In fact the school just gets a minimal amount for a year from the Government for running its operations. That amount is just sufficient to run the school for whole year.

The school today accommodates around 50-60 students from Class I - V. The school is located in the backward colony of the Village and only poor students who can't even afford minimal school fees(Rs. 200-300 per month in private schools) go there to study. As per the Head Master of the school, few parents afraid to send their kids to that school and instead are sending to private school because of the bad state it is in. If the student's count increase then as per him Government will sanction couple of more teachers which make the teaching staff count to 4 and helps kids to get good education.

If it is just the plantation I could've run it with my local friends over there but I'm much inclined to finish off all the three works I mentioned above. We're also planning to spoke to the colony residents to contribute a minimum sum of 100/- from each family (there are around 40-50 families) making them feel the ownership of the work we're going to do. We'll run this as a community program where all the families will help in digging, plantation and help in building activity.

In this regard, I'm asking you to help me in raising the funds for this program as it requires approximately 1,50,000/- (Revised estimates as on 28th June) to complete the above mentioned work.

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(Head Master of this school talking about the state of the school and developments to be carried out.)

Our Team:

Harish Kasina (Works for Microsoft, Hyderabad)
Anwar Hussain(Works for Oracle, Hyderabad)
Sivaram Yadala (Works for, Hyderabad)
Ramakrishna M (Working as a Teacher & Active volunteer in few NGOs)
Sameer Nandan (Works for Computer Sciences Corporation, Hyderabad)
Satyaprakash Reddy (Works for, Hyderabad)
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8th November 2016
Dear Supporters,
Hope you are doing well. Four months ago, we started this campaign here on Milaap to help the kids in getting their school repaired. With your kind support we managed to raise a total of Rs. 215,360/-.

I was really excited to share the updates of the ongoing work on a frequent basis, but at the same time I thought of surprising you with the complete transformation we brought to the school. So I had to wait unwillingly for a long 4 months without sharing an update.

Let's give a big applause to our team:
  • Team Milaap, helped us setup the campaign, without which it would have been difficult to achieve the targets
  • Ramakrishna, the teacher and native of the village(where school is located). He was instrumental in taking care of logistics and operations of the work. Although we visited only few times, he provided us frequent updates, coordinated with the local community, coordinated with school staff, helped us in hiring a new teacher on contract basis.
  • Harish Kasina
  • Sivaram Yadala
  • Sameer Nandan
  • Anwar Hussain     
Our entire team worked hard to make this happen with the support from all of you. Here are the civil and other works that were carried during this 5 months:
1. Construction of new compound wall (When we cleared the destroyed compound wall, we noticed that the contractor who did the work in the past has not even built the basement for compound wall :(  So we had to do that work as well.)
2. Installing main gate
3. Plantation in school premises as well as plantation in the village  (Around 200 coconut trees were distributed to villagers. Few students were identified among the group as green leaders and given the task of monitoring the growth of the trees).
4. Hired a new teacher making the teachers count to 3. Next year Government will allot a new teacher since the student count will cross the limit set by Govt. (for every 30 kids, 1 teacher will be allotted. After the work is started we've seen 7-8 people rejoining this school from a private school, making a total of 55-60 kids. We are anticipating the count to grow beyond 60 next year.).
5. Repair work for the two class rooms, bathrooms, construction of one temporary class room.
6. Painting work for entire school building.
7. Art work inside class rooms.

Things to do in future:
1. There is only one tap for entire school making it difficult for kids during mid day meals. Not all students are washing hands/plates. We're planning to install 4-5 wash basins.
2. Focus on academic side for the school (projectors, computers, education related material etc)

Financial updates:
We seem to be on track, since we've efficiently managed the funds and managed to complete within the budget. I'll share the complete expenditure details(for each and every work) and the funds received etc in the following updates.

Sharing the video documenting the transformation of the school here. The impact is for you to see and share.
We cannot thank you enough for your support.

Harish Kasina
Anwar Hussain
Sivaram Yadala
17th August 2016
Dear Supporters,

We received Rs. 25,240/- today from IBase IT employees (
Thank you so much for helping us financially.

6th July 2016
Dear Suppoters,
We'll be starting the compound wall construction work on this weekend if weather cooperates. I'll share updates, once the work is commenced.
Note: We set Aug 15th as the target date to finish off the 50% of school repair (external walls and painting) and compound wall construction.
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Great initiative. kudos to Satyaprakash.

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On behalf of IBase IT Employees, Hyderabad.

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Good initiative.

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Appreciate all your efforts Satyaprakash. Keep up the good work