This 8-year-old's father left her because she has a blood disorder

8-year-old Kuvitha looks to her mother's face when someone asks her about her father. The class 3 student somewhere carries the guilt that her father left them because she was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. 
Kuvitha is suffering from Thalassemia, a blood disorder which reduces her lifespan to 15-16 years. She is 8 years old now and needs to undergo treatment before her condition worsens. But her mother, Kalaislevi who does tailoring to make ends meet has no way to arrange for the funds.

Her father left her thinking she is a burden

Kuvitha's father left her and her mother when he knew of her condition. He hasn't return fearing he should take care of an Ill child. Left with no option to save her daughter, Kalaiselvi help on to the only skill she knew- stitching.
She works in a tailor shop and supports her daughter's treatment. 

Kuvitha can be saved with this curative option

Kuvitha needs to undergo a bone marrow transplant which is the only curative option to save her. But the transplant is an expensive procedure as she found a donor from Germany who is fully matched. For Kalaiselvi who earns a few hundreds a month, 30 lakhs is a really huge amount.

How you can help

If there is no help from generous donors like you, she can never think of opting this curative option. Our help will give back a daughter to her mother who has no one else in the world to look forward to.

Your contribution will save Kuvitha's life

Letter from the doctor
Letter from the doctor
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29th May 2017
Dear donors,

Kuvitha has had new bone marrow stem cells given 8 days ago. She is being treated with supportive care in the BMT unit. She has been unable to eat for over 2 weeks and is on morphine drip for stomach pain. In another few days the new stem cells will begin to work and make her thalassaemia free. Her mother now is in desperate need to settle all the hospital bills and help her with much needed special care after discharge next week as her immune system will be low for another 3 to 6 months.

Help her to safely complete the difficult journey she has started

Dr. Revathi Raj
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