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Help KSPCA 'S ABC/ ARV Program For Street Dogs in Kodaikanal&Dindigul
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Kodaikanal Hills dogs through KSPCA

    from Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

80G tax benefits for INR donations


Kodaikanal Society for Protection and Care for Animals carried out a project of
spay/neutering and rabies vaccinating ('Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies
Vaccination' - ABC/ARV) on 500 street dogs in May/June of 2017. Our goal for
2019  is to do ABC/ARV on 1000 more dogs in our town  and also move to Dindigul town to do at least 1200 dogs and for this we need to raise funds. The cost per dog is Rs. 1000 minus the Rs. 700 reimbursement we receive from Kodaikanal Municipality, and Dindigul Municipality so we need to raise the balance RS300/ dog which is a total of  Rs. 6,60,000.
We are also doing mass rabies vaccination for already sterilised and other community dogs in Kodaikanal and Dindigul town and have kept a target number of 5000 dogs which would be at the cost of RS 100 /dog a total of Rs 500000
Please help us by donating! Our long term goal is a healthy, controlled, vaccinated
population of street dogs.
 All donations are tax deductible.
About Kodaikanal : Like many Indian cities, Kodaikanal has a growing population of street dogs. However Kodaikanal is not a typical city; the natural beauty and temperate climate continue to attract new residents, seasonal residents, and short-term tourists, both domestic and foreign. This rapid population growth has put pressure on municipal infrastructure, affecting traffic and sanitary facilities, including the management of food waste, which has contributed to the growth of the street dog population. The overabundance of street dogs has resulted in an increasingly competitive environment for these animals, which in turn leads to abandoned puppies, underfed adult dogs, conflict between dogs, and sometimes aggression towards humans. Addressing dog overpopulation in a humane way and adopting the goal of hundred per cent rabies vaccination coverage, hand in hand with a plan for managing garbage and reducing street
litter, will result in a safer, healthier environment for all Kodai citizens and visitors. Kodaikanal, by implementing these projects, will become a model of a caring,humane and well-managed community.Culling of dogs, which has been the cruel strategy commonly adopted in urban India,results in aggressive, unhealthy, unvaccinated dogs moving into the area and this,together with rapid replacement to fill the ‘vacuum’ left by culling, means that before very long dog overpopulation is again a problem. It has been well documented ( that the most humane approach to dog welfare in urban areas is to spay/neuter and vaccinate adult dogs so that there is a healthy, stable, controlled population of street dogs. Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies Vaccination (ABC/ARV) is the program followed by progressive governments and animal welfare organizations everywhere in the world now.
To this end, KSPCA has been working with Kodaikanal Municipality to carry out a comprehensive project to spay/neuter 80 per cent of Kodai street/community owned dogs and accomplish 100 percent rabies vaccination coverage. Kodaikanal Municipality and Dindigul municipality  is committed to reimbursing Rs. 700 of the total Rs.1000/dog cost to KSPCA. The balance of Rs. 300 must come from donated funds. 
Whereas we have to raise funds for the mass anti rabies vaccination campaign to carry out in our district Rs 100 . 
The team catches dogs in a professional and humane manner using a GPS app. Using this app, a digital file is created which includes the location where the dog is picked up,its tag number, sex, colour, method of catching, etc. A collar is put on the dog with its tag number before being put into the catching vehicle. Dogs are brought to the facility in the catching vehicle and the following day, after 8-12 hours of fasting, Animal Birth Control surgery is performed. Anesthetic, antibiotics and all necessary medicines are carefully administered as per the dog’s weight, and each dog is injected with anti rabies vaccination and with Ivermectin to deal with any parasitic infestations. Dog are kept in the facility for three days post surgery, during which time they will be well fed. Finally, after a last health check by the vet in charge, they are returned to the exact location from which they are picked up, using the GPS app. All dogs treated in this manner are permanently identifiable by a v-shaped notch on the tip of the ear, done at the time of surgery.
KSPCA’s Goal: Having accomplished the first phase of our long term goal (500 dogs)we are already beginning to see results. If we are able to carry out the second phase of ABC/ARV on a further 1000 dogs, and then move into a 'Maintenance Phase' (30dogs/month) we will have accomplished our goal of a properly managed healthy street dog population. If we stop now the gains of the first phase of the project will be lost as the street dog population quickly replaces itself.
The benefits of this for the residents of Kodaikanal and for visitors to this town are significant. Our aim of 100 per cent rabies vaccination coverage of all dogs will mean that citizens and visitors need no longer fear dog bites. A reduced dog population means that there will be less conflict between dogs, and less threatening behavior of dogs towards citizens and tourists, an overall healthier population of dogs and fewer
abandoned puppies. We aim for Kodaikanal to be a model town and for other municipal areas look to Kodaikanal as an example of effective, humane management of its dog population. Already we have been assisting and encouraging other municipalities in this district to carry out similar projects.

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