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I am fundraising to i stand with Chennai

Why am I fundraising?

Hi everyone,

We are team of friends from around the world coordinating relief work from Bangalore. We have come up with a basic survival kit with emergency food, hygiene products, and medicines for about 500+ people in Chennai. Kits prepared so far will be delivered to Chennai tonight and tomorrow in two batches. We are also in talks with one of the Chennai commisioners to help distribute our kits to neglected more neglected areas. We might extend our distribution network to Cuddalore as well once we solidify a supply chain there. 

What do I plan to do with the funds?

The present kit contains essentials such as:

1. 4 Biscuit packets (Parle G)
2. 2 Everyday milk powder packets
3. Glucon D powder ( 100G)
4. Pepsodent 30gm toothpaste
5. Small Lifebuoy soap 
6. Vicks VapourRub
7. Two Jam Packets 
8. 3 Dabur HoneyTus
9. 6 tablets of B-complex

Also we are coming up with 200 ladies kit & 100 kids kit which will contain 
10. Bella Sanitary Napkins 
11. Pampers

Additionally, we have 200 new blankets as well. Basic medicines for the victims are being purchased right now to be delivered to medical camps. Once the kit for medications is ready, we will be delivering them to medical camps. We will update you on the medication list and put up pictures for you to see.

We will be grateful and would like to thank you in advance all the kind-hearted people out there who are willing to contribute. Also we will update and share our work and contributions so that each and every one of you will get to know how it saved someone’s life.  

We are looking for more funds to buy water bottles, bread, and more medicines based on requirements from camps. Please contribute as much as you can.

Below is our facebook page where you will see more pictures, updates of our relief work, and other ways for you to contribute.


Please feel free to ask as many questions if you have doubts regarding the relief work.

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11th December 2015

Hi everyone,

We are working on our second batch to Chennai. Each kit will contain mostly essential supplies to help the people get through the aftermath of the floods. Purchasing is still in progress, but we will be keep you guys updated once things are ready.

As of now, our plan for this batch is:
1. 1000 Blanket
2.1000 Towel
3. 500 Lungis ( Gents Kit)
4. 500 Nighties ( Ladies Kit )
5. 300 Rugs
6. 1000 Candles & Match boxes
7. 1000 Mosquito repellent
8. 1000 Soap
9. 1000 Paste
10. 1000 Tooth brush 
11. 400 Undergarments ( Women)
12. 400 Sanitary Napkins 
13. 1000 Bun packs ( Five buns each )
14. 1000 Jam packets 
15. 1000 Sweet lime

In addition, we have also purchased 100 kgs of bleaching powder in an effort to sanitize areas which have been under water after days of torrential rain. Moreover, Jimcy Raphael has given us 150Kgs of Rice + 40 Blankets + 50 undergarments for women. Below is a few pictures of the materials we have purchased so far.

Please contribute your towards our cause through our Milaap fundraiser page. We will post all the bills for the supplies that we purchased for this relief once we are done with the final batch. We will also upload the funds deposit tracker for your better understanding

More of our friends will be available to volunteer this weekend. From their assessment of the ground situation, we will decide on the areas to distribute the materials. Our gratitude to everyone of you who has continued to support us so far.

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7th December 2015

Hi Everyone,

Presently, we are gearing up for the second batch to Chennai. Our target date for supply is coming wednesday.

As of now, the requirements list consists of: 
1. Bedsheets
2. Towels
3. Candles
4. Biscuits
5. Match box
6. Sanitary Napkins
7. Milk powder packets
8. Flash lights 
9. Under Garments for ladies
10. 10-15 power banks for volunteers & army people in need
11. Medicines (List will be shared soon)
12. 100 Kgs of rice supplied by a friend from Bangalore.

The items in the list might change based on availability since most of the outlets in Bangalore are running out of stock. We might also edit the list depending on requests from volunteers in Chennai.

Meanwhile, keep supporting us and continue to spread the word as much as you can. It's your support and kindness that keeps us going!

Pls contact Banu: or Sharmila: for any questions.

7th December 2015

Hi everyone,

Our team safely reached the villages near Cuddalore and successfully distributed the kits to the people in need. We delivered all the kits to two villages near Cuddalore.

The villages are: 
1. Sozhavalli
2. Nellikuppam

In Nellikuppam, our volunteer team from Bangalore and Cuddalore (Vishwanathan, Balasubramanian & team) delivered the kits door to door. People were overwhelmed with the stuff they received.

In Sozhavalli, ladies & gents were made to stand in queue and the kits were delivered to them individually. Our volunteers are on their way back home now.

Below you will find pictures more pics of the kits and trucks we sent. We will be preparing our second batch to Chennai soon and the list will be shared shortly after a day's break. Meanwhile keep supporting us and continue to spread the word as much as you can.Image titleImage titleImage titleImage titleImage titleImage titleImage titleImage titleImage title

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