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Help us to create awareness about obscure aspects of history
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  • About us

History ki mystery YouTube channel was created by a group of five history students who are friends since their graduation days. People often gets bored on hearing the very term history. We decided to bring change in this very mindset of people who thinks history as boring. 

  • Aim behind the channel

With the aim to show the mysterious and interesting side of history we decided to make short but interesting videos of lesser known or misinterpreted aspects of history.

  • Works carried out so far

So far we have made some 58 videos covering wide ranges of topics from Indian history. A series on forgotten heroes, women freedom fighters, Hindu identity, Bhagat Singh, Ambedkar, Gandhi, emergency period in Indian history etc, to name a few. Apart from historical topics we are also working on existing socio-political issues with a historical touch in it. This small effort by us will at least make people both, from academic and non academic background, to  get interest and learn the fascinating aspects of history.

  • Expenses on videos

Since all the five of us are students who barely have any source of income, manage to produce our videos using the pocket money we get from our respective homes. The videos we have produced so far barely manage to get monetize by YouTube. And currently we are in a situation where all our equipment like camera, recording mic, editing software, laptops that we use to produce our videos are outdated and needs to get updated and we really don’t have enough funds to meet our needs. Lack of funds makes it really difficult for us to continue our passion for history and the contribution we ought to make for the society.

           Items                                                                 Costs
  1. Camera                                                               80,000
  2. Laptop                                                               50,000
  3. Mic (2)                                                                 14,000
  4. Tripod and stand                                                5,000
  5. Memory card                                                       5,000
  6. External Hard Disk                                              8,000
  7. Travel (per video)                                                   500
  8. Food                                                                         500

Through this Milap fund raising platform we appeal to the public to help us get fund which we can use to get our equipment for our videos and continue our endeavors. Your support through this campaign will help us to contribute to spread awareness about history.
Thank you

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