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HHT's Youth Leadership Development Program

About Happy Horizons Trust
Happy Horizons Trust is a Registered Non-Profit Organization founded with a vision to improve the quality of education in schools across India by means of activity based learning. participatory learning, storytelling, reading, writing, learning by doing, critical reasoning, community engagement, peer learning, videos, and technology. We have been in operations since early 2012 in the Kosi region of Bihar, which is flood prone, have low literacy rates and has extremely backward communities. We have been running different projects for the different stakeholders of the society such as Project Jigyasa, Jagriti, Youth Leadership Development Program, Learning through Videos, Career Awareness Seminars, Internet Awareness and Teachers Training.

What work do we do and how does it impact the society?
While the problem of enrolment has been addressed to a large extent, improving the education quality remains the larger challenge currently. A lack of input on soft skills, life-skills and low motivation level is a major concern with the present generation of students in primary schools. Our programs are designed to provide the short-term change to enhance student motivations and long-term to ensure that the children have a sustained interest in education for a long period of time. The activity sessions are facilitated by young and enthusiastic youths especially girls who are better trained in child psychology, learning methodologies, pedagogy, design thinking, child engagement, classroom management strategies and usage of technology.

What is the need for fundraising?
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Keeping in mind the impact, we look forward to expand our Youth Leadership Development Program in other districts of rural Bihar and thus the need for fundraising arises so that more youths across the region can benefit through this program.

We are working in an area which has amongst the lowest literacy rates and is home to extremely backward class communities, where early child marriage is a normal thing and women become grandmothers by 40. Almost every household has someone living outside the state in search of livelihood, for not many opportunities for local employment exists.

Our Youth Leadership Development Program is designed to drive systemic change to encourage more holistic learning for the students and empowering youths to become local change makers from within the society and also seek employment locally. So far, we have empowered 16 young girls to be the local change makers and we wish to empower more.  

The impact of these interventions in the system has been tremendous. These youths are eagerly awaited by the students for they see it as a great opportunity to learn by having fun and we have observed an exponential rise in the interest levels amongst children.  We have also experienced a high level of confidence amongst the children and their ability to present themselves with higher motivation towards education.
The young champions themselves have undergone a transformation towards being more independent, career conscious and highly trained and motivated to bring about change. A few have also managed to get local employment in the affordable private schools, and this is a huge thing to be empowered as a bread earner in the family. 

Details about the Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP)
The mission of the Youth Leadership Development Program is to empower the youth in rural and semi-urban areas in India to become local change makers, contributing to the development of society. The main objectives of the program are:
  • To engage the youth to work towards strengthening of the primary school education system.
  • To provide guidance and mentoring to conduct engagement sessions with students.
  • To give leadership training to young high school graduates for over three years.
  • To give the youth an exposure to work closely with the different stakeholders like parents and teachers towards better child education.
  • To empower them with digital tools
Project Functioning
The schools where the female youths are supposed to work are selected on the basis of the vicinity of other primary schools where they could function. The youths go through a stringent 6 step selection process, comprising of the following: Reading ability, Writing skills, Extempore Public Speaking, Group Discussion, Personal Interview, Parent’s Interview. Once selected, the youths are given training and mentoring by the senior youths and the facilitators at the organization.

Duration and Engagement Schedule
The Youth Leadership Development Program is for a duration of 3 years for every individual selected to be a part of the program. They are given the necessary training across the 3 years, an annual tour for exposure along with an academic scholarship of Rs. 5,000 per year to every individual.

How will the raised funds be utilized?
Here is a link to the video for Youth Leadership Development Program
All donation made to Happy Horizons Trust are tax exempted under section 80(G).
Happy Horizons Trust Annual Report 2015-2016
Happy Horizons Trust Annual Report 2015-2016
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13th December 2017
Dear Donors,
Thank you for the support to this fundraiser. We have been recruiting the new champions and our cohort is shaping up well. We are in the process of completing the champions from the different parts of the Saharsa district. As informed earlier, the Phase 1 comprised of the evaluation on the Reading and Writing. The Second phase comprised of the evaluation of the candidates' Group Discussion and Public Speaking abilities. The third phase comprised of the Interviews of the parents and the candidates. This happened at their homes.

The home visits have been such a humbling moment for all of us. Getting to face the harsh conditions in which families live here is been heart wrenching. Being empathetic to the situation allows us to be more sure of our work and the potential impacts it is creating and promises to in the future as well.

Hearing the stories from the candidates on why they wish to join the Happy Horizons Trust Youth Leadership Development Program has transformed us as well. We have stories of girls fighting against the social norms to take her life forward, to another one praying continuously to make sure she gets selected to the program, to another's father already planning for her marriage even though he is aware that it is against the law to marry girls before they turn 18. During these visits we realise that our role therefore does not stop only at the classrooms, but the impact is felt across families and eventually at the society level.

Over the span of the past 3 months (Oct, Nov, Dec) the team in Bihar has travelled far to all the different blocks of the Saharsa district. From visiting flooded villages to landlocked inside embankments to traveling on paths where no road exists, to communities eating only snails for survival to facing threat calls from impostors. This team has faced a lot and I am immensely proud of them.


The funds raised with this fundraiser will be utilised as per the following:

Expenses incurred during the champions selection 2017-2018 
1. Project Manager (Vinay Kumar) Stipend Oct to Dec, Rs 5000 X 3 = Rs 15,000
2. Project Coordinator (Chandni Kumari) Stipend  Oct to Dec,  Rs 3000 X 3  = Rs 9,000
3. Driver (Rupesh Kumar) Expenses Oct to Dec, Rs 3000 X 3 = Rs 9,000
4. Project Lead (Deeptanshu Pande) Stipend  Oct to Dec, Rs 5000 X 3 = Rs 15,000
5. Traveling Bills for Diesel / Petrol - Reimbursements : Rs 8000

Thank you for your love and support.
4th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

The team has been tireless visiting the rural parts of Bihar in Saharsa district, to find our new champions.

As a part of the Phase 1 of the selections process, we test for the candidates' writing and reading ability. Around 400 girls participated in this round. From this we shortlisted around 150 candidates.

The Phase 2 comprised of the Public speaking and Group discussion abilities. From this, we shortlisted around 60 candidates.

The Phase 3 is ongoing and is comprised of Personal Interviews and Parents Interviews. From this, we will be selecting the final 30 candidates.

Here are some pictures, from the selection process.

Thank you for the support. 

3rd October 2017
Dear Supporters,

We have begun the champions recruitment process for the batch starting in April 2018. Thank you all for the support. Will be sharing the detailed plan soon!

Thank you all once again.
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