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Kidney Transplant (Father)

Why am I fundraising?

My Father Viswanath (Subash) is under dialysis, thrice in a week from the year 2011, undergone Open Heart surgery and once kidney transplant in 2013. Kidney translpant was a failure as the transplanted Kidney did not work and he was taken again under Dialysis.Image titleImage titleThe above attachements shows the Nephrectomy reports that means the damaged Kidney was removed from the body after transplant was unsuccessful.

Heart Surgery was done in 2012. 

Image titleImage title

All my family members are working hard to get him cured but we are unable to overcome the situation as the medical expenses are around Rs 70000 per month including dialysis.  Dialysis is done thrice a week. Per dialysis costing Rs 2000/

We are really in need of help to get him Transplanted again and cured so that I can take my father out of this pathetic condition.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

We are in need of funds as Cadaver Kidney is already booked and we are just waiting for the call from Doctor so that we can again give a try for Kidney Transplant. We are expecting the call anytime.


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13th October 2016
Dear Supporters, 

Subash Vishwanathan is still on dialysis. He undergoes dialysis treatment thrice a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

His family has booked a cadaver kidney but are unsure when they will receive one, it could be two days or two months, depending on various factors. The household resides in Kilkattalai and spends around Rs. 55,000 monthly towards medical expenses. They have sold many of their assets and are still in dire need of money for future medical costs.  

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May god bless your father with good health.Jai shri satgurudev

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Wishing the best

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