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This is a another campaign on top of previous campaign described below as - LAST CAMPAIGN. We are starting this campaign to help poor farmer families earn living through alternative professions. We have come up with a draft plan to train 'mostly' women from such families in creating different stuff that can be sold to urban markets through offline and online modes. Initially we will training them in making various crafts, processed food items and ready made clothings. We have also plans to fund their initial setup to some extend (Rs. 10,000) and connect them to market. We have following plan -
- Analyse what these individual women can do better and train them into that area, provided the products have demand in surrounding or online market
- Fund them intially with Rs. 10K each and they may start it individually or as a group as per product
- Train few educated men/women from their area on marketing
- Help them market the stuff intially
- Leave the campaign

Please feel free to suggest us. Also help in connecting to sellers will be appreciated. You can mail us at - pbpimpale OR amolsuroshe at and call me (09960946967) or Amol (09766551521) for more details/queries.


Report of What we did in Past campaign:

We were able to get funds throgh contributions from our friends offline and through Milaap - We collected 
₹667,554.00 from different sources including Milaap. On Milaap we raised Rs. 111,750.00 (pre-deduction of 8% by Milaap).

The balance money (Rs. 97K) is being used sponsering education/helping some more families 

Apart from monetory help we have adopted chidren such families (51 students) and will assure that their education continues. We collect fund for those activities through our personal sources. As of now we have sufficient funds to help around 200 students every year, but we keep on getting requests from various schools to adopt some of the bright students who find it difficult to continue their education; you can surely help them.
List of children adopted from these families-

Farmer familes we helped with their details:

Sr. NoFarmer NameVillage/TownDistrictVisit DateVisit ByAmount IssuedCheque No.Fund Owner
(Deduction From)
1Prakash Annasaheb LahaneBhardi, Tq. AmbadJalna12/15/2014Shyam Wadhekar₹20,000.00266316, 266333Shyam Wadhekar
2Ramesh Ramratan PawarKaranjkallaOsmanabad12/20/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Sudarshan Jagdale
₹10,000.00266334Sudarshan Jagdale
3Parmeshwar Subrao PawarKaranjkallaOsmanabad12/20/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Sudarshan Jagdale
₹10,000.00266335Sudarshan Jagdale
4Raghunath Ramrao DhawaleKagban, Tq. VasmatHingoli12/13/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266310Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
5Govind Vitthalrao GoreDigras, Tq. KalanuriHingoli12/13/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266309Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
6Tulashiram Narayan MandwadKakandi, Tq. NandedNanded12/14/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Sudhakar Patil
Amol Suroshe
₹20,000.00266312,266318Sudhakar Patil
7Vandana Murali Kadam
Murali Gangadhar Kadam
Chikna, Tq. DharmabadNanded12/13/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Sudhakar Patil
Amol Suroshe
₹20,000.00266317Sudhakar Patil
8Laxman Jakkoji JadhavMashti, Tq. DharmabadNanded20/12/2014Sudhakar Patil₹10,000.00266315Sudhakar Patil
9Shivaji Babarao MansingeJaflapur, Tq. DharmabadNanded20/12/2014Sudhakar Patil₹10,000.00266314Sudhakar Patil
10Gajanan SurvyeUmra, Tq. PathriParbhani12/27/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
11Anil GiriPokharni Tq. Parbhani Parbhani12/27/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266326Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
12Ramchandra KadamMangrul Tq. ManvatParbhani12/27/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266327Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
13Gopal LadaneKekarjavala Tq. ManvatParbhani12/27/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266328Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
14Ganesh PimpaleUkkalgaon Tq. ManvatParbhani12/27/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266330Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
15Suresh TareKolha Tq. ManvatParbhani12/27/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266331Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
16Ambadas Babarao NalageAaral Tq. VasmatHingoli12/28/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266332Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
17Manik Umaji BhaleravDarefal Tq. VasmatHingoli12/28/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266323Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
18Namdev Sambhaji VyavahareBhendegav Tq. VasmatHingoli12/28/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266324Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
19Uttamrav Marotrav KuteMatha Tq. AundhaHingoli12/28/2014Shyam Wadhekar
Prakash Pimple
Amol Suroshe
₹10,000.00266325Amol Suroshe
Prakash Pimpale
20Bhagvat Trimbak MaaneShendLatur1/11/2015Shyam Wadhekar₹10,000.00698533Shyam Wadhekar
21Balaji Vishvmbar SawantNalegaonLatur1/10/2015Shyam Wadhekar₹10,000.00698531Shyam Wadhekar
22Narayan Namdeo BhojaneShirurLatur1/11/2015Shyam Wadhekar₹10,000.00698534Shyam Wadhekar
23Bhujang Angadrao ShirureRapkaLatur1/11/2015Shyam Wadhekar₹10,000.00698535Shyam Wadhekar
24Arun Dattatray GambhireJawalgaLatur1/10/2015Shyam Wadhekar₹10,000.00698532Shyam Wadhekar
25Gangadhar Kamaji ShilekarBelkuni (Khurd) Tq. Biloli Nanded1/18/2015Sudhakar Patil₹10,000.00266319Sudhakar Patil
26Digambar Baliram LungarePanbhosi Tq. KandharNanded1/18/2015Sudhakar Patil₹10,000.00266320Sudhakar Patil
27Santosh Ramrao NaikwadePanbhosi Tq. KandharNanded1/18/2015Sudhakar Patil₹10,000.00857859Sudhakar Patil
28ASHOK LAXMAN JAVALEKolher Tq. GeoraiBeed1/25/2015Bhushan Sarwade
Shyam Wadhekar
₹10,000.00263742Shyam Wadhekar
29VISHNU TUKARAM PANKHADERajpimpari Tq. GeoraiBeed1/25/2015Bhushan Sarwade
Shyam Wadhekar
₹10,000.00263741Shyam Wadhekar
30SITARAM BABURAO NIKAMVill. Sirasdevi Tq. GeoraiBeed1/25/2015Bhushan Sarwade
Shyam Wadhekar
₹10,000.00263740Shyam Wadhekar
31Sandeep Saklaji NangreWahegaon, Tq. ParturJalnaDevidas Karhale₹10,000.00Shyam Wadhekar
32Krishna Namdeo ShindeVill. Wahegaon, Tq. AurangabadAurangabad22/03/2015Shyam Wadhekar₹20,000.00698543Shyam Wadhekar
33Babasaheb Mahadeo BhosaleKondgav, Tq. OsmanabadOsmanabad1/18/2015Sudarshan Jagdale₹10,000.00678406Sudarshan Jagdale
34Babasaheb Manik JagtapRuibhar, Tq. OsmanabadOsmanabad1/18/2015Sudarshan Jagdale₹10,000.00678408Sudarshan Jagdale
35Madhukar TambeDeolali Tq. Bhum Osmanabad1/18/2015Sudarshan Jagdale₹10,000.00678409Sudarshan Jagdale
36Digambar Sopan GatkalAmbi Tq. BhumOsmanabad1/18/2015Sudarshan Jagdale₹10,000.00678410Sudarshan Jagdale
37Bapu GaikwadSaramkundi Tq. VashiOsmanabad1/18/2015Sudarshan Jagdale₹10,000.00678411Sudarshan Jagdale
38Shaikh Usman ShamsoddinAlu WadgaonNanded7/2/2015Sudhakar Patil₹10,000.00857860Sudhakar Patil
39Genardhan Sudam SawantAnandwadi, Tq. ParturJalna28/04/2015Balasaheb Dhumal
Devidas Karhale
₹10,000.00266345Shyam Wadhekar
40Prabhakar Eknath KhojeJogaladeviJalna21/02/2015ALL₹10,000.00698539Shyam Wadhekar
41Janardhan Trimbak ShindeBhendalaJalna21/02/2015ALL₹10,000.00698538Shyam Wadhekar
42Sharad Vithalrao DeshmukhUswad (Devthana)Jalna21/02/2015ALL₹10,000.00266337Shyam Wadhekar
43Punjaram Ramkishan KakdeKandariJalna21/02/2015ALL₹20,000.00698536Shyam Wadhekar
44Dattatray Srirangrao KakdeWalkhedJalna21/02/2015ALL₹10,000.00698537Shyam Wadhekar
45Baliram Manikrao AaherDhopateshwarJalna22/02/2015ALL₹10,000.00266341Shyam Wadhekar
46Raosaheb Anna JareDhopateshwarJalna22/02/2015ALL₹10,000.00266338Shyam Wadhekar
47Ashok Ganesh NihalChanegaoJalna22/02/2015ALL₹10,000.00266342Shyam Wadhekar
48Ganesh Kundlik LokhandeLingewadiJalna22/02/2015ALL₹20,000.00266340, 266344Shyam Wadhekar
49Shenfad Kashinath BordeDagadwadiJalna22/02/2015ALL₹10,000.00266343Shyam Wadhekar
50Arun Gopal FadatBorgaon, BudrukJalna22/02/2015ALL₹10,000.00266339Shyam Wadhekar

For more details on work can be found at -
Specific Post -;xGToOjtN6r~;cP1bHWNb26FzX~;DPbeoB~_~;MidI.bps.a.822741117767471.1073741854.526225464085706/859724267402489/?type=1&theater

Please write us for any other details needed. We will be happy to share with you.

We have done very little but many groups have comefowards after looking at impact of our work and they are also doing the same for families we were not able to cover.

Thank you very much.



This is a very tough time for farmers in Marathwada region who are facing droughts. Meteorological, Hydrological & Agricultural drought, highly unreliable weather condition, shortage of water and now from last 3-4 seasons complete loss in agricultural economy, all this has turned into very dangerous situation. As per the official reports 35 in Sept, 21 in Oct and 53 in month of Nov have been reported as farmer suicide cases in Marathwada region (Aurangabad, Nanded, Parbhani, Jalna, Hingoli, Beed, Latur, Usmanabad).

So instead of just expressing the condolence, we have decided to reach out to at least 50 such families and provide an immediate monetary help of Rs. 10,000/- for each family, along a word commitment to support their kid’s education starting next year under Kartavya ( and initiatives.

We are in talks with govt. officials, friends and print and electronic media in every district to gather the details of affected families. Once we are done visiting and helping these families we will share the detailed report with everybody through and all other possible sources, the way we have done for our activities before ( and ).

We can not imagine what a family must be going through, where the bread earner takes the path of ending his life. Every day there is a news of farmer suicide in Marathwada (Maharashtra, India). Bad economic policies and bad weather conditions are the killers. Many things need to be changed. We can do it. But that will take time. For now before they lose hope in system and humanity around let's offer a hope. Let's help each family with Rs. 10K so that the hope doesn't die.

[We have started visiting the families with the help. For updates on that please see comments section]
Your contribution of even as little as Rs. 500/- would go towards helping a farmer's family. Please come forward and show your support. If you cannot contribute, please share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social tools you use. Look forward to your support.

You can contact me (09960946967) or Amol (09766551521) for more details/queries!

We assure that the donation you make will be used very genuinely. For any doubts please feel free to give us a call anytime!
Amol Suroshe - -
Shyam Wadhekar - - Kartavya
Sudhakar Patil - - Vision welfare association Dharmabad
Sudarshan Jagdale - -
Prakash Pimpale - -

मला माहित नाही मी जग बदलू शकेल की नाही, पण त्यासाठी प्रयत्न करायचा निश्चय तरी मी केलाय!
मुझे पता नहीं मै दुनिया बदल पाऊँगा या नहीं, लेकिन मैंने उसके लिए कोशिश करने की ठान ली है।
I don't know can I change the world or not, but I have firmly decided on giving a try to it!

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