Help Amar kick Multiple Myeloma to the curb!

Hello , this is for my sweet brother Amar who was recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma , a painful blood cancer formed by malignant plasma cells - type of white blood cell in the bone marrow.

This was very unexpected, and we all in our family were shocked and couldn’t believe as we had no family history of any kind of cancer. We all were totally unprepared for emotional, mental and financial costs that would ensue. Amar is a bright and very intelligent person. Whoever meets him,  he puts a smile on their face. He has been working as a technical architect at Infosys, a well renowned software company based in Bangalore. He is the most caring and gentle person you will ever meet.

He was diagnosed in early November of 2016 in India, when he complained of tremendous painful ache in the bones especially his backbone. He could not walk , turn or sit up. We found out after tests that he had multiple lesions, fractures and compacting bones.

He was admitted to the hospital where his treatment started which included multiple tests almost everyday, hospital/staff fees, specialists/doctor’s fees, continuous stay in hospital, radiation therapy and ongoing chemotherapy.

He will also undergo an expensive, long and painful autologous stem cell transplant procedure soon, from PGI, Chandigarh.

But he has recently developed an infection. For many days he had constant high fever and high kidney creatinine (Cr) level. So doctors have stopped chemotherapy and delayed the stem cell transplant until we can control his fever and Cr level.

He has shown tremendous courage and spirit in this incredibly tough time for him. But this battle is still far from over. This is a very tough time for the family and every member is tirelessly contributing towards Amar's fast recovery. Amar's parent's are retired and Amar is on loss of pay Since December and can't bear the financial burden alone.

So, far, the treatment cost involved to stabilize his condition, battle the pain from his injuries, start treatment for his disease and to counter the side effects, has been huge. The entire insurance cover and almost all of family's savings have got exhausted.
Coming up for him are his remaining chemo sessions followed by autologous stem cell transplant . Estimated immediate costs are attached as annexures.
Hence, we need your support in this desperate hour.  Pls help Amar in his ongoing battle to beat this cancer.

I will continuously keep posting updates of his health and progress of  his treatment.

 He needs tremendous support, prayers and blessings of all his loved ones, and together we will make him win this battle!
Latest Discharge Summary
Latest Discharge Summary
Stem Cell Transplant Cost Estimate
Stem Cell Transplant Cost Estimate
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Max Hospital Treatment Cost Estimate
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Interim Hospital Bill
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15th February 2018
Had a meeting with my oncologist and nephrologist today to discuss the roadmap for Myeloma and Kidney Transplant. The 2 important points of discussion were

1. After how much time of SCT could a kidney transplant be done - As per the doctors, mine will be the first case of it's type in which they will perform kidney transplant for a Myeloma patient who underwent SCT, in whole of India and probably a few handful of such cases around the world. So they don't have any prior data at their convenience. What they are going to do is to send my case history to Mayo clinic USA which is probably the leader in treating cancer and renal problems. They are hoping for a response from them and then proceed further.

2. Risk factor - In case they do kidney transplant and Myeloma comes back, there are chances that it will try and target the transplanted kidney as well.

Minimum time frame on which Myeloma pateints are kept for maintenance is 2 years. Chances of relapse reduce considerably after 2 years. So should we wait minumun of 2 years before going for kidney transplant ? There are complications related to the immunosupperants that I will need to take after kidney transplant and the maintenance drugs of Myeloma. Both medications contradict each other. So there is a question mark on how to go about the business here if kidney transplant needs to be performed before 2 years of SCT. Also the problems of performing dialysis twice or thrice a week for 2 years is a big ask.

These were some of the discussion points. Anyways my oncologist has asked me to undertake another Myeloma Panel test, the results of which they will share with Mayo clinic USA along with my case history. Let's see what they respond with 🤞🏻

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Have known Amar since my Infy days. We have been together during the initial Mysore days (same joining batch in Infy-Jan-2005)... Know him as a real tough guy and jolly good person. Sad to hear about this condition... Praying that he gets well soon! and a faster recovery post all hospitalizations... Stay Strong and keep rocking bro!

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Wish you a good life ahead brother.

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Get well soon bro!

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Get well soon.