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I am fundraising to help Bonty Dutta get back her life

My maternal cousin sister met with an accident on 19th June, 2015. She was travelling from Assam to Arunachal Pradesh on one of the Assam State Transport Corporation Bus when a live electric post fell on the bus due to the driver's sheer negligence and greed for money. In order to make few extra bucks he took some money from the movers and packers guys and loaded the luggage over the bus's carrier which in turn pulled down the electric post. The driver and the conductor ran away and the rest 20 passengers were electrocuted. One passenger died on the spot and the other passed away while being taken to Chapakhuwa hospital in Aunachal Pradesh.

My sister's is the only survivor who has sustaned major 3rd degree burns.The entire left side of her body is burnt and she has major 2nd to 3rd degree burns. She is currently undergoing treatment in Dibrugarh Medical College in the department of plastic surgery amd Dr U.K Bordoloi is the doctor in-charge. We are trying to move her to a private hospital but the costs are ridiculously high and she doesn't have an insurance. She is 23 and is currently doing her masters from Indira Gandhi Government College. ASTC has taken no responsibility and washed their hands after giving them ten thousand rupees. We are trying to do our best to pay for her treatment butl her case is a bit serious hence the treatment fees is quite high and she will definitely need multiple plastic surgery. She comes from a humble background and according to her education was her only answer to a better future but all her dreams were shattered after this accident. Everyday she asks her father if she is going to make it!

Every penny counts and we firmly believe that No one should have to chose between food, education and  quality healthcare. Bonty Dutta has the right to live and she is fighting it out everyday. We need your support to raise money for her treatment and rehabilitation. Every penny and every prayer counts. So please help us !

You can also feel free to make a bank transfer as that money goes directly to the victim's family to buy medicines. We have been getting a lot of facebook messages and our friends and their relatives are very keen on making bank transfer as somf of them aren't able to pay here. 

Please find the bank details below: Name : Pallavi Dutta,

Bank Name- State Bank of India

Account Number- 33145705558 , IFSC CODE - SBIN0001626

Or  Bank Name : HDFC , Acc Number - 50100074644504 , IFSC Code - HDFC0000075

Whenever you donate please do try to leave a message for Bonty. I read out those messages to her everyday and that gives her hope. Incase you want to record a video message and send it to us then that will be great!. My email id -

IF you want any further information please feel free to wrte to us :

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26th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Bonty.
Bonty is currently at home and is doing much better. She wrote her MA exams on 23rd December.
She will meet the doctor in January to decide upon the skin grafting surgery date and further treatment procedures.

Thank you for your support and love for Bonty. Please keep her in your prayers.


4th June 2017
I hope you're well! Firstly I would like to apologise for not being able to send an update as frequently as I wished.
I had some personal work and I finally took a holiday last year after 5 long years. Thank you Abhinav for constantly telling me to take that holiday! I met one of my dear friends and one of our dear donors while I was traveling to Scotland. She very kindly sent a card for Bonty and Bonty was chuffed to bits.
So you might ask why did it take so long though I was back from my holiday last august-september, well the answer is a bit sensitive. Bonty was a bit vulnerable, she broke up with her boyfriend. The guy didn't want to be with a burn victim. So she was taking care of the situation still trying to be strong but couple of weeks ago I did have a long talk with her and told her that everyone comes to our life for some reason. Her bf stood by her like a rock when she was in hospital and nursed her to good health so may be that was his role and he did play a vital role. Now his role was over and Bonty needs to thank him and let him get on with his life. She did quietly listen but I am sure she is still hurt but she will be over it.
Honestly, she walked out of the hospital when the doctor had given her just 7 days to live so I am sure she will come out of this as well. She has gone back to Arunachal Pradesh and has joined back college. She is keen on completing her MA . She also teaches kids during the weekend ! She is coming to Assam in the next 3-4 weeks to see the doctor. She still has no sensation on her left leg but we're positive that she will get better soon!
I have attached a small video- there are no graphic images whatsoever. Do have a look! You will be soo happy.
God bless! Have  a lovely sunday.
2nd October 2015
Hi Friends, I hope last few weeks have been good for you. For me last few weeks have been very emotional- Bonty is recovering- she had one more round of surgery for her head-it was a minor one. We spoke to doctors and here's what he is saying on the next steps:

1. The wounds need to heal.
2. She has no flesh in some parts so we need to wait till the situation changes
3. In a month or 45 days they will try to make her walk. If she isn't able to then she will have another major operation - something to do with nerve. 
4. The doctor said that it might take 3-4 months but not sure about it.

On the brighter side Bonty now calls me once in a while on her own just to know more about the donors- she wants to speak to each one of you and wants to thank you'll for your kind gesture. She gets a bit excited and emotional so the doctor has asked us to not let her do any of it till she gets out of the hospital. We have filed a case against ASTC but according to a hearing that will commence once she is discharged. I hope ASTC is stringently punished for it. 

Today I want to thank someone who is very close to me- my husband. This entire incident happened while I was busy at work and when I got home I broke down because I absolutely had no clue what I should do to help her. Yes our family is fnancially better than Bonty's family but I didn't know what I can do to show my support. I first decided to wait for 1 week to see how she is doing but then I got a call from my mother and she said that things aren't looking great. And that day I told my husband that I would want to quit my job and travel to Assam to help my cousin. My husband didn't question me even once. He just asked me '' What will be your next step?'' and I had no answer for it. I put in my papers next day - resigned and my husband got me tickets to go home. My husband just said one thing '' Don't worry about things here, I will take care of it but now Bonty needs you.'' I was feeling soo guilty in the beginning as I quit my job when we had other financial commitments and I was dumping everything on my husband's shoulder but after he had a chat with me I felt so much better. I have a degree in marketing; my parents spent a lot for my studies. They saved every penny just to make sure we had a good life. My father never said No to anything. And today when I look back I couldn't have mustered the courage to help Bonty had it not been for my husband and my mom and dad. Papa is still paying for the treatment and he took care of all medical expenses for the first 2 months. I am sure there are thousand other Bontys in India who are suffering due to paucity of money and I request you'll to help whenever you come across such a situation. It doesn't matter if you can't donate much but it's very important to show your support. I have got soo much love and support from you'll and I never thought something like this would happen. Most importantly I would like to thank my dear husband. As my friend Naaz mentioned - This wouldn't have been possible if Abhradip didn't stand by me.

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May Lord Krishna of Guruvayoor bless her. Wishing her speedy recovery.

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Get well soon !!

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May God Bless her and she gets well soon.