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Sat Shri Akaal ji

Since the annual highlight of Bajwa Kalan, the Bajwa Kalan Mela has lost its charm to the changing times. Inder Bajwa, a well-renowned name in the model industry and the founder of KHOJ has taken it up from his organisation and has firmly decided to reignite the flame of Bajwa Kalan Mela. Inder gave up his stardom and career to a much larger cause in helping the youth of Bajwa Kalan with a sustainable livelihood by involving them in sports and fitness.He is gathering resources to groom the youth on football and kabaddi.

With this Mela, Inder plans to guide and explain to the youth of the neighbouring villages about drug abuse and Bajwa Kalan's fight towards this. Not only the male crowd, Inder and team also wants to empower the girls and women of the community by providing them a platform to choose the avenues of their interest, be it sports, arts, or academics.

The team KHOJ has decided to organise a grand mela called "SAANJH" which will showcase Punjab's rich culture and heritage.‘Apna Virsa, Apni Khoj’ is the tagline and explains the very thought behind organising this event which means searching or ‘KHOJ’ of Punjab’s culture and  heritage and spreading the same to all corners.

This is an initiative by the team to bring out the people of Bajwa Kalan and the neighbouring villages to participate in this community building event and to bind them into one family of tradition and celebrate the richness of Punjab’s vibrance. This idea has helped in bringing people from various sectors to make this a grand event.

The event is ideally scheduled on the 1st of April 2018. ‘Saanjh' will have various activities like Bhangra, Gidda, Pagdi competition etc. Folk singing will be a highlight of the Mela along with poetry and cultural fashion show. “Sanjha Chula” will be another highlight of the mela, where you can experience traditional Punjabi food in the wonderful cultural backdrop of Punjab.

The idea definetely sounds exciting but to make it a grand success, its important to have immense man power and financial support. Currently there is a small team involved in bringing this event to life. However, more the crowd leads to efficient and energetic work. The team benevolently requests all those kind hearts to take a leap in joining hands with them for the core preparations of the event. The work will involve in helping the team with the preparation of a documentary, handling the minute details of the event and other miscellaneous work. There is an urgent requirement for one person to handle the mentioned responsibility with dedication and devotion.

There is also a need in raising a budget of INR 6,00,000 to organize this Mela – which includes the tent, sound system, lighting, costs in buying mementos etc. Would you want to help us revive the spirit of Bajwa Kalan? Then please do let us know and we shall revert to you with further details.

You could also use this Mela as a sponsorship opportunity and directly reach out to over 3000 people of Bajwa Kalan and neighboring towns.
If you wish to help us financially, please do fund us on the below mentioned bank account which woud be of great help.

Sat Shri Akaal ji :)

Inder Bajwa
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28th April 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for your contribution to the SAANJH MELA. It was a day where many people gathered and enjoyed.

Many people performed for the first time on stage. The years rolled back as rich Punjabi tradition came back to the forefront and 70 yr old women danced like young girls. But more importantly, it gave a platform for the young girls and boys of our villages to showcase their talent. From organizing to performing, it filled them with belief that they can shape their own life.

And it provided a platform for many more people to join in our campaign of sports. We saw a footfall of 2000 people for villages nearby, we saw 15 performances, we had live media coverage and we all went away with memories to cherish and hope for the future.

I am really lucky to have so many friends and well wishers who stood by me in the time of need. Mela was a success because we all united for one cause to uplift youth and Mothers of this land. This is the beginning of change, with time we will take it to every corner of the world.

On behalf of the entire village of Bajwa Kalan, thank you for your support. Looking forward to your continued engagement as we spread our message to empower the youth of Punjab and take this voice to even more villages.

Inder Bajwa
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Good luck for this initiative Inder and Jagnoor.