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Her Heart And Lungs Have Been Failing Since She Was 6 Years Old
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    Sayali Lajars

    from Pune, Maharashtra


It started when she was just 6 years old. Sayali would get dizzy, lose consciousness and fall. She would vomit profusely until she could not get off the ground. The family dreaded the diagnosis. It was Pulmonary Hypertension. Sayali had high BP in the vessels that take blood to the heart and lungs. She was managing her condition, but the family never knew that it was only getting worse.

Sayali grew up feeling her heart and lungs get weaker inside 

“When we first heard the term, we did not quite understand. We thought – BP? Sayali is too young to have this problem. It took us a while to realize that the situation was much worse than we imagined. Her heart was not able to pump enough blood to her lungs. As a result, both the organs had to work hard.”

Sayali needed oxygen therapy, and a lot of drugs. She was always short of breath, unable to walk, run, play or do anything that a child usually does. As a result, she grew up introverted and timid, with a sense of being different from her siblings. She even had to stop going to school in 4th standard and has been studying at home since then. The doctors never thought she would survive the past 12 years. There were times they asked the family to be prepared for dire consequences. However, Sayali fought through and survived. Until now.

“In December 2017, Sayali had a bad fainting spell. On rushing her to the hospital, we found out that her pressure which is supposed to be 20 for a normal person was at 108. Her body was not getting enough oxygen. Her condition had worsened with her heart and lungs failing.”

The doctors gave their final prognosis - a heart and lung transplant

Sayali has been unable to stand or walk. She lives with an oxygen cylinder next to her. To aid her heart, she has been undergoing physiotherapy. In a day, this 18-year-old goes through 2 liters of oxygen, and needs to take over 15 pills just to stay alive. The family has spent lakhs on her treatment so far. In fact, the recent tests cost them Rs. 3.5 lakhs. They have moved from Pune to Chennai for the treatment. Their living expenses so far has come up to Rs. 4.5 Lakhs. The family is now down to a few rupees in their savings account. Her transplant is estimated to cost Rs. 36 lakhs and they have no choice but to crowdfund.
"My husband, Lajarus, works as a clerk in Pune. I used tutor kids at home to manage expenses better. Our 21-year-old son, Gaurav, chose to start working after 12th to help Sayali. He just started college and is working a shift to make sure we have some money. Now we are running out of time and options to save her."

How you can help

Just medicines, oxygen and physiotherapy cost the family Rs. 10,000/month. Sayali ends up in the hospital most of the time because of complications, adding to the expenses. This 18-year-old has no option but to get a heart and lung transplant as soon as possible. The only way she can live the rest of her life is if her parents get some help.

Your support will save this girl who has not taken a decent breath in 12 years.

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