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Couple Struggles To Save Premie Twins Born After 6 Years Marriage
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“We got married 6 years ago and wanted to become parents at the earliest. But luck never favored us. We did everything we could – we went to many temples, observed fasts, tried local herbal medicines…everything, but nothing helped us. Watching other people around us have cute children only made our wounds deeper. When we had reached a breaking point, we decided to borrow money and undergo IVF treatment – other people in our village had done the same to conceive and we saw it as our last straw of hope. By God’s grace, we were able to conceive two babies, but their birth didn’t go as planned and they’re struggling to survive now,”-Gopal Singh, father.

On March 6, after exactly 6 years of trying, two miracle babies – a boy and a girl – were born to Yogendri and Gopal Singh. But it was not in the circumstances that they had imagined. Yogendri was only 7 months pregnant and had suddenly experiencing excruciating pain on March 2nd. She was admitted immediately, and due to high risk of infection, she gave birth just 4 days later. The premie twins were born extremely underweight and were even suffering from a blood infection – they had to be rushed to the NICU immediately. Today, they're struggling to breathe and spend most of their time away from their parents' loving touch.  They need to spend 2 months more in intensive care, or they will not survive, but their parents do not have enough money to save them.

‘We get to see them only once in a day’

Ever since their children have been admitted in the NICU, Gopal Singh and Yogendri have not been able to eat or sleep well. Yogendri cries to be next to her babies and spend more time with them, but Gopal Singh patiently explains to her that their children are highly prone to infections at this stage and that she should keep her calm. But nothing can console Yogendri.

“I only wanted one thing in life – to become a mother. Now that I have become one, I don’t even get to see my babies! I am still recovering from the C-section and my whole body hurts, but all that I can bear. Watching my children struggle to breathe fills me with guilt. I wonder if I made a mistake bringing them into this world.”-Yogendri

This father who left his job to take care of his wife during her high risk pregnancy cannot save his children without your help

 After Yogendri conceived after undergoing just one cycle of IVF, the doctors told Gopal Singh clearly that this is a high risk pregnancy and that his wife needs complete bed rest. The doctors suggested keeping a maid or calling a loved one to care for her - but neither would work in their case; they were not close to relatives and they did not have the financial means to hire a maid. This is when Gopal made the difficult decision to quit his job as a farm laborer in his small village in Rajasthan to care for his wife until the babies were born. He believed that everything would be fine after the kids were born safely and he could go back to work – but nothing worked according to plan. Now, he cannot save his babies without your help.

“I borrowed Rs 7 lakhs – I believed it would be enough for the IVF and delivery. Little did I know that such complications would arise. I had to borrow Rs 3 lakhs more recently, as the babies’ hospital expenses come up to Rs 30,000 a day. How will an unemployed person afford this? Please help me take my babies home safe.”
Yogendri and Gopal Singh are going through the worst phase of their lives – they cannot even see their babies when they want to on one hand and on the other, their financial status will not let them save their children either. Your help will make sure that their miracle babies survive.

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