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Extremely Premature Twins Fighting Multiple Illnesses Need Urgent Help
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"I did everything that doctors told me- strict bed rest, drank plenty of water. I was given injections to avoid preterm contractions but still my cervix opened much earlier. Doctors were forced to take out my twins to save their lives. They are too tiny, fighting multiple illnesses, one after the other. I have heard stories about premature babies being okay after their mother cuddled them . I'm now beginning to believe that it is possible, but I can't even hold them in my arms. They are fighting every day, even doctors are surprised at their progress, but I don't know how long I can continue to provide treatment for them." - Madhumitha, Mother of the preemie twin babies.

Madhumitha had to undergo a C-section during her 7th month due to unexpected complications

 Ashfaq Ali and Madhumita were thrilled when she got pregnant. They were excited about the arrival of their angels. It was during her 7th month of pregnancy, she had to undergo cervical closure surgery to avoid contractions. Just two weeks after it, she got labour pain and had to undergo a C- section.

"My nightmares came true, I cursed myself for everything. It was the guilt that was unbearable more than the pain. My twins were taken to NICU immediately after their birth. I was discharged only after 3 days and it felt like years. I stood next to them crying for hours. I wish they had the comfort of staying in my womb for just 2 more months. Now they are struggling for every breath. It has been more than a month, they are still fighting.  I don't understand how their tiny bodies could endure so much pain." - Madhumitha.

All their organs are underdeveloped and they are extremely low weight, yet these preemies have exceptional strength to battle for life

Apart from being extremely premature, these twin babies are also fighting several other illnesses. They are suffering from septicemia, it is a serious bloodstream infection, it occurs when the infection in the lungs or skin enters blood. They have very low blood platelets and are given blood transfusions frequently. They also have an opening between the two blood vessels leading from heart which makes breathing very difficult. The newborns are also fighting inguinal hernia where the small intestine protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal spots, it causes unbearable pain. Yet, they have been fighting bravely for the past one month.

"Even before they could fight one disease they are attacked with another. I was devastated when they became intolerant to mother's milk. They are given IV fluids. I feel terrible. I'm not able to do anything to help them. I go to home at night, spend sleepless night every day and I come back early in the morning, hoping to hold them in my arms. Fear of losing them is breaking me into pieces. I cannot imagine going back to my house without my twins." - Madhumitha.

Despite spending everything they had, they are running short of funds to continue the treatment

Madhumitha refuses to move away form the twins and she is waiting desperately every moment for a miracle.  But Ashfaq cannot afford to waste even a moment. He has been running to everyone he knew and trying everything that is possible to save his twins. He was least prepared for this and is shell-shocked. He has lost count on the money he had spent to save his twins. The cost of the treatment is almost close to impossibility but he has not given up.

"Not even in my wildest dreams I imagined that I would face such a situation. I worked so hard all these years and right from the day my wife was pregnant, I saved every rupee for the future of my children. I have exhausted everything I had but all in vain. I feel completely lost. My wife has not yet healed from the stitches but there is nothing that I could do to comfort her. I can't bear to see her crying all the day. I have no strength to even look at my twins. The insurance we had was enough only to cover the costs for just 3 days. Bills are mounting up everyday and I'm losing my hope." - Ashfaq.

How you can help

Ashfaq and Madhumitha are struggling to save their preemie twins. The extremely preemie twins are fighting multiple illnesses. These two little warriors are fighting for the past 1 month and they need to continue NICU treatment for one more month.  Ashfaq who works for a private company has exhausted all his savings. He is slowly losing his hope and fears he might lose them. With your support, these young parents can take their twins back home and live a normal life.

Your kind contribution can help twins of Madhumitha to continue the treatment and recover completely

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