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This Widowed Mother Could Lose Her 4-Year-Old To Kidney Cancer, Help
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Bulbul’s life has been a series of misfortunes for the past year. Seven months ago, her husband, Arun Kumar, was diagnosed with deadly brain tumour and died shortly after. The family was still grieving the irreparable loss, when the couple’s son, Siddharth, was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing eye cancer. 

Bulbul ran from pillar to post to find a way to get him treated, and she was successful. But then, in the middle of all this, her daughter, Tejaswini, was also found to be suffering from end-stage kidney cancer.

“I cannot even bring myself to say the term ‘cancer’. I did not even know that it was so dangerous before it changed my life for the worse. I could not save my husband... I can't lose my child too! I want to save her at any cost. But, I have no money to pay for her treatment.” - Bulbul, mother.

‘Why has my family been cursed with this wretched disease?’

Three months ago, Bulbul had come to Delhi from her village in UP, hundreds of kilometres away, to get her son, Siddharth, admitted at the hospital. The distressed mother had begged and borrowed from anyone and everyone to be able to get her son treated. But while awaiting news about her son's condition at the hospital, her daughter, Tejaswini, suddenly fell unconscious.

The doctors at the hospital found it odd that the seemingly healthy child had collapsed in such a manner, and ran some tests on her. It was then that Tejaswini was diagnosed with Wilms' tumor, also known as nephroblastoma, cancer of the kidneys. She needs chemotherapy followed by surgery to live.

“I was speechless. She had been active, playing and running around like usual on the day she fell sick suddenly. Why is cancer following my family like a curse without end? Why did it come for my innocent children? What did they do to deserve this suffering?” - Bulbul.

This family has no earning member and no one to help them

Arun Kumar, Bulbul’s husband, was the breadwinner of the family. He did odd jobs around the village, and even did farming on other people’s land to make a living. He took home whatever little he earned and spent it all on food for his family. He did not have any savings when he passed away. Now, Bulbul does not have a means for livelihood, nor does she have any relative to help her, except an old grandfather who takes care of the children in her absence.

“I am struggling. I have not even been able to cry properly looking at the plight of my children, because I am running around, asking both known people and strangers for help to save my Teju. I cannot lose her. I cannot lose another loved one to cancer.” - Bulbul, tearfully.

This widowed mother needs your urgent help to save her daughter.

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