This is my third campaign in milaap regarding saving lives

Few of our old rescues and few new ones

They need our support, if not we then they might have left this world long back

As always Case history link of each case put up on individual NGO’s FB page has been pasted for cross verifying.....

Plz help in donating via milaap or through the NGO’s account details directly after checking the case.....plz do share a screenshot of donating directly....will minus that amount from fund raising

1. Romeo- after shuttling from several shelters for post surgery treatment of fractured femur by a car Driver......he could not be dropped back to location.....from where he was picked up as a puppy....original rescuers abandoned the case and now he is at Helping hands since past few months......trying to raise funds for his stay at Helping Hands run by Jaishree Bansal......
No idea where to get a permanent place for this kid......raising Rs.9000 for 3 months

2. Asia- this kid was rescued for vaginal prolapse.....extreme painful condition and hoping it will not reoccur.....she is fighting hard.....and will recover is the strong belief......currently raising Rs.8000 for her and maybe later will have her sterilised and then released back to her location.....she is at helping hands of Jaishree more kids for her and she can live her life with peace......

3. Pilli- as the name this girl became a case of negligent sterilisation procedure and from there only catching distemper.......healthy girl sent for a good cause came back with stitches open and dreaded disease of distemper....plz pray she makes it as the serum shots are being administered......trying to raise Rs.15600 for her treatment at helping hands of Jaishree Bansal......

4. Kali- this girl went to helping hands by Jaishree Bansal with a full bloated stomach which looked as if it will burst any moment....she had recently littered.....her puppies are being taken care at the location itself by caregivers and she has recovered fully and all set for her at peace with no more babies......already covered her treatment expenses now trying to raise Rs.4000 for her sterilisation

5. Chanda- brave girl who has fought all odds......just to survive this big bad world......Kaveri bhardwaj of Sophie memorial has been keeping her since past three months and she has shown tremendous improvement......but she will take time......trying to raise Rs.13000 for her stay of two months and might have to raise more for the subsequent months later.......

6. Sitara- she has recovered wonderfully.....and might be released after her one more month of stay at pampoosh of Aaditi more life saved from dragging herself on the roads......hit and run case.....human turned blind to her suffering......have raised for her stay for past 3 months at pampoosh and now raising Rs.5000 for her fourth month stay.....

7. Mirchi- another small pup subjected to human apathy.....paralysed and admitted in pampoosh of Aaditi Badam.....
Now waiting for miracles for this kid......hope he responds well to the treatment......currently raising Rs.10000 for his two month stay......which might get extended depending upon the severity of his condition.......

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24th April 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update for you all.

Sitara is still at Posh and waiting for fresh update- praying that this time she gets released all hale and hearty.

Mirchi is still at Posh and will take few more months for his recovery.....will do the fund appeal again later for him as for 2 months money has been transferred.....

Kali has been released at her location all hale and hearty, but one sad news was that she could not be sterilized before release......still that is very much in plan.....and will be getting it done so that no more puppies for kali......her funds collected have been diverted in Pilli's case......

Asia- she is critical.....thought of her getting released had to be dropped......funds for her are still pending, close to Rs.4600 is still pending to be cleared.......

Pilli- her total bills had increased while the campaign was live......her canglob serum shot numbers increased......have also posted a link of her update which Helping Hands had posted on their fb page regarding the funds requirement increasing......Total required- Rs.19000....transferred Rs.19000 for her.......

Thank you so much for the love and support.


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Suparna donated Rs.1,500
about 1 month ago

Animals have right to live in this world.

Anonymous donated US $550
about 1 month ago

Please take great care of each one. I am donating the rest of the money you need. Hopefully, my calculation is accurate. You must make sure each one is cared for very well, pampered and spoiled too. Thank you.

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about 1 month ago
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