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2-Year-Old Has Few Days To Live Without An Urgent Liver Transplant
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Disclaimer: Some readers may find the included images to be distressing or graphic in nature. Please exercise caution while proceeding. 

Urgent: This little boy needs an urgent transplant to survive

"My son was healthy before this happened. Not even in our wildest imagination, the thought of him being so sick, ever crossed our minds. Now, when I see him lying in the bed like this, I realize the fleeting nature and uncertainty of life. I fail to understand as to how can a child's liver suddenly stop functioning to the extent that he needs a liver transplant to survive."- Manisha, mother, narrates with moist eyes

Their life suddenly turned upside down.

Bheem Singh moved to Delhi from his hometown with his wife and their 1-year-old son in search of a job and a decent life. He started working as a salesman at a clothing store while his wife stayed at home to look after their son. The early childhood of their son was pretty uneventful like any other normal child. His innocent laughter filled their hearts with joy and gave them new strength each day to toil harder to fulfill their dreams of raising him in abundance. They had no clue of the misfortune that awaited them.

"Waking up every morning to his giggles made me feel truly blessed despite everyday struggles. I at least had a beautiful family I could return to each day after work. But then things suddenly changed. Two months ago, we noticed that our son's belly looked slightly distended. We were alarmed but thought it would get better with time. But that didn't happen. Rather, the swelling increased further and we decided to get him checked at a hospital. They conducted a few tests and what they told us after that, shook us to the core. The doctor said that our son's liver was failing and he needed a liver transplant to survive. We couldn't fathom what had just happened" - Bheem Singh, the father, explained in disbelief.

This was just the beginning of their struggle.

The doctors told them that the liver transplant had to be done early as the toxins were slowly building up in their son's body which could not only impact his mental development but also threaten his life. As a temporary solution to the problem, they removed some of the liquid that was present in his abdomen which was causing the distension. This reduced the swelling but the threat of it happening again still lingers till he gets a new liver that can filter the toxins and prevent the liquid from accumulating again.

"I couldn't watch when the doctor poked a syringe into his belly to take out the liquid as he wept and groaned in pain. How can such a young child endure so much pain? My heart sinks thinking of that happening again as his belly has started to swell up again. He points at the bandage at the site where the liquid was drained and shakes his head indicating to not do that procedure again. I wish I could make that happen" - Manisha, the mother, explained with a vacant stare.

His mother has decided to donate a piece of her liver to him.

Since a liver transplant is the only hope for saving their child, his mother decided to endure the pain and become the liver donor for him. Though this solved half the problem, the other half seems insurmountable. The doctors gave them an estimate of over INR 15.5 lakhs for the entire procedure of liver transplant, which is way beyond their financial capacity. 

" I have already spent INR 40,000 on his treatment, which has exhausted all my savings. No one among my relatives or friends is capable of lending me sufficient money for this transplant. I haven't been able to work for the last two months as we have been running across various hospitals for his treatment. My boss has already hired my replacement and I don't think I will be able to retain that job. I just don't see any hope now"- Bheem Singh, father, disheartened.

Their dreams of seeing their son prosper to adulthood are now threatened

They brought their son back home from the hospital as they did not have the money to continue his treatment. He still plays around the house unknowing of the grave illness that dwells in him. The neighbour's kids come over with their toys to play with him and tell the parents that he is very sharp and learns the game very quickly. This momentarily fills them with pride before reality quickly sets in and shatters their fledgling dreams.

"Like all parents, we want the best for our son. No day goes by when we don't curb our desire to splurge on something for ourselves so that we can afford to pay our son's school fees and whatever needs he may have in the future. But, now we are not even sure whether he will be able to do all those things which we have planned for him. The mere thought of losing him drives me crazy and I don't think I will be able to live without him" - Manisha, mother, breaks down in tears.

This little warrior deserves a chance at life but his parents can't afford it.

There's no way for his parents to arrange the money needed for the liver transplant. Help them in this struggle by contributing generously and spreading the word to others as well. 

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The identity of the child is protected in adherence to government guidelines.

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